Logging: The Log Object
  • 15 Nov 2023
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Logging: The Log Object

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Everything that Blackthorn Compliance does is in the Logs tab.

When Compliance masks a credit card, it creates a Log. When Compliance has an error, it creates a Log. When you press the Delete button on a Log record, it creates another Log that says you just deleted the related Case (or Email, etc). The source of Compliance analytics & reporting is actually the Log Object. So when you create or delete the Logs, this affects the Compliance reports and the Analytics tab dashboard.

The Log object (API Name: pcify__Log__c) is a custom object. It was created for the Compliance application and is not the same as standard Salesforce logging.
log 1268

Log Object Reference Fields

Field LabelAPI NameData TypeDescriptionValues
RecordIdpcify__RecordId__cText(18)Id of related record
ParentIdpcify__ParentId__cText(18)Id of parent record (for Attachments and Content Version records)
Record Linkpcify__Record__cFormula (Text)Hyperlink to related record
Parent Linkpcify__Parent_Link__cFormula (text)Hyperlink to parent record (for Attachments and Content Version records)
Category*pcify__Category__cText(255)Classification of LogRecord Reported
Record Deleted
Record Masked
Credit Card Detectedpcify__CreditCardDetected__cFormula(Checkbox)True if credit card number is detected.
Exceptionpcify__Exception__cCheckboxTrue if Compliance has detected an internal error - not detected PII.
Large Descriptionpcify__Large_Description__cLong Text Area (131072)Long summary of Log event.
Object**pcify__Object__cText(255)Triggering SObject for Log event. Use this field to filter reports by SObject.
Fieldpcify__Field__cText(255)The Salesforce field in which Compliance discovered sensitive data.
Patternpcify__Pattern__cText(255)The Detection Pattern matched in the detection.
Originpcify__Origin__cText(255)Apex origin of Log event
False Positivepcify__FalsePositive__cCheckboxA likely false positive. This field is flagged automatically by Compliance. You are allowed to manually check this box if you find valid false positives not caught by Compliance.
Confidence Ratingpcify__ConfidenceRating__cFormula(Text)Our confidence in the detection event. Values can be High, Medium, or Low.High
Pattern Matchpcify__PatternMatch__cCheckboxTrue if a detection pattern was matched.
Luhn Validpcify__LuhnValid__cCheckboxTrue if the number flagged passed the Luhn Algorithm.
Log Type*pcify__LogType__cFormula (Text)A standard set of values which can be used in reportingMask

*Use the Object field to filter reports by SObject e.g. “Case” will only show you Logs where the triggering records are Cases.

**Use either the Category field or the Log Type field to filter reports by action i.e. “Log Type = Report” to only return logs where there was a report event.

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