Welcome to Blackthorn | Payments!

Blackthorn | Payments brings Stripe to Salesforce, in a fully native package. We've built additional features and business logic to deliver the most advanced payment platform for Salesforce.

You can...

  • Accept live payments in a matter of minutes with our Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard.

  • Process credit and debit cards and ACH with micro-deposit verification.

  • Manually process Payouts to an external bank account or debit card (Stripe Connect only).

  • Transfer funds between Stripe accounts (Stripe Connect only).

  • Rest easy knowing your company is 100% PCI Compliant with our app (see our doc on PCI Compliance for more information).

Feature highlights

  • Virtual Terminal

  • PayLink

  • Scheduled Transaction processing with automated Reattempt Logic for failed processing.

  • Connect to multiple Stripe accounts.

  • Historical data sync (migration by button click).

  • Webhooks (real-time bi-directional sync between Stripe and Salesforce).

  • Stripe Connect.

  • Salesforce editions supported: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, Developer, Force.com (App Cloud).

Data Model

Blackthorn | Payments was created to provide payment processing that originates from Salesforce. Our app does not support a payments flow of originating Transactions within Stripe. If you have an existing integration TO Stripe for Cards, Customers, and Payments (or anything) and you want to use our app, repoint your integration to use our API so the payments flow through Salesforce to Stripe, instead of direct to Stripe.

What's Next

Getting Started