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Welcome to Blackthorn | Payments!

Blackthorn | Payments brings Stripe to Salesforce, in a fully native package. We've built additional features and business logic to deliver the most advanced payment platform for Salesforce.

You can...

  • Accept live payments in a matter of minutes with our Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard.

  • Process credit and debit cards and ACH with micro-deposit verification.

  • Manually process Payouts to an external bank account or debit card (Stripe Connect only).

  • Transfer funds between Stripe accounts (Stripe Connect only).

  • Rest easy knowing your company is 100% PCI Compliant with our app (see our doc on PCI Compliance for more information).

Feature highlights

  • FREE, unlimited licenses (there is no catch!)

  • Virtual Terminal

  • PayLink

  • Scheduled Transaction processing with automated Reattempt Logic for failed processing.

  • Connect to multiple Stripe accounts.

  • Historical data sync (migration by button click).

  • Webhooks (real-time bi-directional sync between Stripe and Salesforce).

  • Stripe Connect.

  • Salesforce editions supported: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, Developer, (App Cloud).

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Welcome to Blackthorn | Payments!