Blackthorn | Events makes creating and managing events from Salesforce easier than ever. Create free and paid live events within minutes of installation.

To install Blackthorn | Events please follow the below steps.

1. Install Blackthorn | Payments

  • Payments app is included in the Events price. You will not have to purchase two apps.
  • When installing Payments, you will be set up with a 14-day trial, the same length as the events trial.

2. Complete the Blackthorn | Payments Quick Start

Haven't set up a Stripe Account yet? No problem!

When you select the test mode option, a window pops up to create/login to a Stripe Account. Right above the form, there is a link where you can bypass creating a real account for testing purposes.

3. Install Blackthorn | Events

4. Authenticate Events

Click on this link in a new tab if you are installing in Production:

Click on this link in a new tab if you are installing in Sandbox:

  • Make sure you are only logged into one org when clicking this link.

Installation is complete, and you are ready to create your first Event! :heartpulse+: :heartpulse+:

5. Add all applicable users to the Blackthorn | Events (Admin) Permission Set

  • Within Setup, in the Quick Find, type in Permission Sets.
  • Click on the Blackthorn | Events (Admin) Permission Set
  • Click on Manage Users and assign your desired users

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How to create an event

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