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Create free and paid events within minutes of installation.

Blackthorn | Events makes creating and managing events from Salesforce easier than ever.

Follow the below instructions to get events up and running.

Installing Events

  • Installing the payments app is a requirement for the events app, even if you have free events.


Free Events

If you are only using free events, you will still have to go through the setup wizard, but you can skip connecting to a payment gateway.

4. Assign the Admin Permission Set and Authenticate events


Authorized User

We recommend:
Your authorized user to have the Payments and Events licenses, and a System Administrator profile

To authorize with non-system administrator account a user will need:
The Salesforce Standard User profile
The Blackthorn Events (admin) and Blackthorn (Payments) permission sets
Additional permission set with API Enabled and Customize Application system permissions.
Make sure sharing settings for Events is set to Public Read/Write

To authenticate events, you will need to:

  • Navigate to Setup, Permission Sets, Assign yourself to the Events and Payments Admin Permission Sets.
  • Complete step #2 (setup wizard).
  • Only be logged into 1 Salesforce org when clicking on the authorize button. Otherwise, the authorization will try to connect to the wrong org.
  • The user authorizing events needs a System Admin profile or full admin access to the events and payments apps. The entire registration process runs through that user, so they need to have full events access.

Navigate to the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab and click the "Authorize the App" button.

5. Deploy sample events (optional)

  • Navigate to the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab from the Events Admin application.

  • Click on the "Create Test Records" button to generate two sample events for testing.

  • Navigate to the Events tab to view the samples. Blackthorn Meetup (Simple Event) and Blackthorn Conference (Complex Event). See example Event Page URL:

6. Permission Sets

There are four packaged permission sets that you can assign users who need access to the events app.

If any of your users need access to financial data related to paid registrations or discount codes, they will need a payments license and relate to one of the packaged payments permission sets or a custom permission set. Financial data includes data from invoices, discount codes, transactions, payments methods, and the payment gateway objects.

Deploying to production

When you are ready to install Blackthorn into your production org, please email [email protected] with your org id and we will update your licenses. We have to update your licenses from a trial version before it expires.

Once we upgrade your licenses, you'll need to navigate to, "Installed Packages", click manage next to Blackthorn | Payments and then add all users who need access to payments (including the authorized user) to the payments app. Most of our events customers have a site license for the events app, so you won't need to add users. They will have access based on their profile and permission sets.

Next steps

To learn how to create your first events, follow the instructions on the next page.

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