Here are some of the questions our customers ask most frequently

Can we connect an existing payment processor to a Blackthorn supported gateway?

If your organization currently has a contract with a payment processor, you have an existing MID (Merchant Identification Number). When your organization contracts with a payment gateway like Auth.net you have the ability to carry over your current payment processor contract and plug in the existing MID, therefore, there is no change for the finance team processes.

Can we request a Demo of Blackthorn | Payments?

Our documentation and tutorial videos provide a quick onboarding process and cover some popular use cases.

If you still have additional questions and would like a demo of our app, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Can my data just sync from Stripe to Salesforce?

Blackthorn | Payments was created to provide payment processing that originates from Salesforce. Our app does not support a payments flow of originating Transactions within Stripe. If you have an existing integration TO Stripe for Cards, Customers, and Payments (or anything) and you want to use our app, repoint your integration to use our API so the payments flow through Salesforce to Stripe, instead of direct to Stripe.

What Payment Gateways do you support?

We support Stripe and Authorize.net. PayPal support will be coming Q3 '20.

What objects integrate with Stripe?

Transactions, Payment Methods , and Customers are the only objects that integrate with Stripe. We will be introducing Subscriptions in September 2018.

Why does the transaction or payment method does not set Lead/Contact lookup?

If you have a custom profile or are a community user who does not have access to the standard object or field, the transaction or payment method will not set the lookup value but it will save the record successfully. Please verify the permissions for the standard/custom user profile for that object and try again.

For example - Jennifer with a custom support profile does not have access to the Lead object. She creates a transaction and lead is not set. So the admin navigates to her profile->Standard Object permissions->Provide the desired access to Leads required for the support profile to resolve this issue.

What currencies do you support?

We support 135+ currencies. View the full list.

How much does PayLink cost?

Please contact us for the price.

Do you have an API?

Yes. Blackthorn | Payments has both Apex and REST APIs. Please contact us for the price.

How do I remove the Transaction or Payment Method parent object relationship?

Please see our Transaction and Payment Method documentation.

Do you integrate Stripe Subscriptions?

We will have our own application to manage Subscriptions. Blackthorn | Subscriptions will rival the functionality of more mature subscription applications late this year. Compare to Zuora or Chargebee. Upgrade/downgrade/prorate/credit auto-calculation services with account-based billing, revenue recognition, etc. We won't be releasing more info on this for at least six months.

Until then, we have Payment Schedules. Please try them out to understand how they work.

Does Stripe offer a fee discount for non-profit organizations?

If you have 501c3 status, email [email protected] and include your Employer Identification Number (EIN) to find out if you can receive a discounted Transaction fee.

Does Blackthorn | Payments work with Professional Edition?

No. Blackthorn Apps only work with Enterprise, Unlimited, Force.com, Developer, Performance.

Does Blackthorn | Payments work with DocuSign or Adobe Sign?

Our app won't work with DocuSign or Adobe Sign in the way they process payments. You could use Blackthorn | Payments with or without PayLink though, separate from DocuSign/Adobe Sign.

Non-USD Credit Card with USD Transaction.

Our new billing portal, coming later this year, has the ability to enter a Payment Method first, save, then display the Transaction Amount. Then you can overwrite the Transaction's country after the Payment Method has been entered.

Our Force.com domain is already registered, but how do you access the Public Access Settings?

You will need to set up a Site record even if your Force.com domain is configured. Navigate to Sites and click "New" next to Sites under your Force.com domain. From here enter all the information from the Webhook documentation. When you hit "Save" then you will see the "Public Access" button.

I see you ask to approve 3rd party access to a Heroku app. Why?

The Connect to Stripe button utilizes OAuth to connect Salesforce with your Stripe account. After the authentication, Heroku helps us to redirect back to Salesforce, even when wildcard domains (custom domains) are enabled in customer orgs.

Can a company have two different Salesforce orgs with their own separate licenses and connect the same app between the two of them?

You can't mix professional edition and enterprise edition, but you can mix enterprise and App Cloud/Platform licenses (ours).

How can we use our own mobile payments app with Blackthorn's Mobile Payment app?

This can be implemented in two steps -

  1. The app developer can make use of the Android SDK or iOS SDK from Stripe to tokenize the Stripe Terminal 2x BT Chipper when collecting payments via the mobile app.
  2. Stripe will receive these tokens and you can then utilize our REST APIs (which will provide you HTTP endpoint) to send your tokenized data back into Salesforce for further processing.

Where do I find my Authorize.net Payment Gateway ID?

Please follow the steps below to fetch the Payment Gateway ID in Authorize.net -

  1. Navigate to: https://account.authorize.net/
  2. Enter Username, Password of your Authorize.net account and click login.
  3. Select Merchant Profile under Account. (See image below)
  1. This will open up the merchant profile and you'll find the Payment Gateway ID under your Business Name.

Can I Setup an ACH Payment Method Through Spreedly?

No. If you are a Spreedly customer who wants to process an ACH payment method you will need to consider using Stripe or Authorize.net. We do not support ACH payments through Spreedly.

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