Admin Quick Start Guide

We have compiled the essential documentation for getting Events up and running quickly. After going through the documentation, please go through the checklist below.


Install and Provision Licenses

Authorize Events

Events Admin Page

Entity Relationship Diagram

Event Registration Submission Process

Attendee Matching and Duplication Logic

Event Settings

Blackthorn Logs

Payment Gateway (for Paid Events)



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[ ] Provided access to everyone that needs access through licenses (if in production) and permission sets.
[ ] The Events app is authorized.
To confirm you did this correctly, navigate to a test Event record and click on the Event Page URL link. If you can see the Event and not a 404 error, you did it!

[ ] Deploy the Event test data.

[ ] Updated the default Relationship Setting record based on your org's matching/duplication logic.

[ ] Relate that default Relationship Setting record to a default Event Setting record, then test this logic by:

  • Clicking on an Event record related to that Event Setting record.
  • Click on the Event Page URL field
  • Register for the event with information that Matches an existing Contact in your org.
  • Register for the event with brand new information that doesn't match any existing records in your org.

If the existing Contact is related to the first Attendee and a new Contact is created from the second Attendee, your configuration is good to go!

[ ] Enable the Failed ERS alert.

[ ] Watch the ERD video to understand how our Payments and Events apps relate.

[ ] Navigate to the Event Registration Submission object and view the two registration records that you just created. Get an understanding of how this process works.

[ ] Read and navigate to the Blackthorn Logs to understand how you can troubleshoot issues.

[ ] If you have paid events, create a Payment Gateway and paid Event. Then go through the registration with a test card number (4242424242424242). If you receive a success message, then you configured this correctly.

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