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PayLink is our beautiful, mobile-responsive payment request, paid add-on.
For every Transaction that's created, a unique link (PayLink) is created. This link can be rolled up to your Transaction parent, such as Opportunities, as well as automatically emailed to your customer.

Supported Payment Methods:

  • Cards
    ACH (automated clearing house) coming soon...

Payments can be processed in over 100+ currencies. List of Supported Currencies

PayLink is mobile responsive, which means it automatically adjusts the sizing, layout, and proportions to display properly on any device.

How it works

Open Transaction

  • When you create a Transaction, a unique PayLink value is generated.
  • You can send this link manually or automatically to your customer for payment. See our Use Cases for specific examples.

There are five fields that populate onto the PayLink Screen: Amount, Currency, Contact or Account, Due Date, and Description from the Transaction record.


  • If you have multiple Payment Gateways, make sure you enter a value in Payment Gateway on the Transaction record before saving. PayLink will use the default Payment Gateway if that field is empty.

Payment Process

When your customer receives the PayLink, they will:

  • Select "Pay" in the top right corner.
  • Enter their Payment Method and click "Pay."
  • Download their receipt (printer icon).
    If you enabled Email Receipts, they will receive a receipt too.


  • The PayLink 'Pay' button popup uses Stripe.js to collect card information. Stripe.js is used to collect sensitive information from the user and to stay PCI compliant. Learn more about Stripe.js

Completed Transaction

When the customer successfully submits their payment:

  • The following Transaction fields are updated: Transaction Status = "Completed", Payment Status = "Captured", Processed Date= Date and Time of submitted payment, and Payment Method is updated on the Transaction record.
  • New Payment Method and Stripe Customer records are created if this is the first payment or only a new Payment Method will be created and linked to the existing Stripe Customer (based on email for matching).


  • The unique link always works, so if the customer needs to view the payment or print another receipt, they can reopen it anytime, but it can only be paid once.

Free 14 Day Trial

If you would like to start your free 14 day trial of PayLink, please follow the steps below:

Step One: Authorize Connect App for PayLink

Step Two: Submit the below Company Information to

The setup of PayLink is remote on our side. To get you going, we need the following:

  • Number of users who will be needing access (Internal SF Users, not Customers)
  • Salesforce Org ID (Setup | Company Info | Organization ID)
  • Salesforce Record ID of the Payment Gateway
    Price is Org-Wide, but PayLink connects per Gateway Record. The Record ID is in the browser URL of the record after the "/". It's 15 digits in Classic, 18 digits in Lightning.
  • An HTTPS URL of the logo you'd like to appear on the page
  • The background color: Basic color name or Hex#

Once submitted, we will notify you when everything is set up and you can begin testing!