One-Click Donations


Donating has never been this easy. Send mass emails to your existing donors to donate with a single click.

Live example here

With this unique feature, our smart form is pre-filled with their stored payment method, amount, and frequency. The donor only needs to verify basic information to complete their donation with just a click. This saves your donors time to focus more on the donation they are giving and less about how to give (think Amazon's easy conversion process).


  • Populates Amount and Frequency from Default One-Click Donation Form
  • Populates Contact's Default Payment Method into the Donation Form
  • Populates Contact's Name into the Donation Form

All your Donor needs to do is verify their payment method with a valid "Billing Zip Code" and then select Donate, it is as simple as that!

Initial Setup

1. Install our latest Blackthorn | Donations App

If you are installing Blackthorn | Donations for the first time, please follow our Setup Guide.

2. Configure our Default Payment Method Feature
This is needed to properly pre-fill and capture your Donor's default payment method.

3. Update your Donation Form and Contact Page Layouts

Help with Salesforce Page Layouts

Donation Form Page Layout:

Include One Field:

  1. Default One-Click Donation Form (checkbox)

Contact Page Layout:

Include One Field:

  1. One-Click Donate (url)

Default One-Click Donation Form

Our default One-Click Donate feature automatically places a donation url link onto your donor's Contact record. This allows you to send quick one-off emails or mass emails within minutes.

How this works:
When you select a donation form for the one-click donation feature, insert a preselected amount for the One-Click Donate URL logic.

1.Default One-Click Donation Form=TRUE on one Donation Form record

  1. Within that Donation Form record, there needs to be a Preselected Amount

Donation Form:
There is a checkbox called, Default One-Click Donation Form. When selecting this checkbox, you have enabled the 'One-Click Donate' feature.

Contact Record:
There are two fields on the Contact record:

  1. Default Payment Method
  2. One-Click Donate

Validation Rule

We have a validation rule where you can only select one Donation Form for the default One-Click Donate feature. If you would like to customize the One-Click Donate, see additional documentation below.

Custom donate link notes:

  • If no formId is defined, it uses the default one-click form
  • With the formId defined, it uses the form specified by formId
  • An invalid Contact parameter will load normal form
  • Valid Contact predefines Contact and payment method for one-click
  • No amountId uses the form's predefined value
  • With amountId it overrides the form's predefined value
  • The donor can enter different payment method
  • Billing postal code visible/required if the Contact's default payment method has a value for billing zipcode
  • Validation is done at the form level

To build a custom one-click donation URL

Here are the example parameters:


For Average Gift (specify an exact amount, useful with asking for the average gift amount from the Contact field npo02AverageAmountc)

  • 00D6A000001VUSc = Org ID (Setup | Company Info)
  • a0x6A0000006VV6 = Donation Form record ID
  • 0036A00000CgCmI = Contact ID (ID is found from the URL parameter of the Contact, like the example URL param from the Donation Form above)
  • a0y6A0000007hmN = The Form Amount ID (*Not the auto-number beginning with 'FA' but the URL param of the record). Instead of this ID, you can set a specific amount, such as 50. For thousands, do not add a comma.

To ask for the 'Average Gift' amount, i.e. the average of the Contact's related Opportunity Amounts, include this merge field in your email template: npo02AverageAmountc (from the Contact object).

Putting it altogether for your email template[1]00D6A000001VUSc+[2]a0x6A0000006VV6?[3]c=0036A00000CgCmI&[4]m=7000

Try it here

[1] Hardcode with your Org ID
[2] Hardcode with the Donation Form ID
[3] The ID of the Contact. {!Contact.Id}
[4] Hardcode with the Form Amount record ID, an exact amount. or for Average Gift, use {!Contact.npo02AverageAmountc}

Example URL for the Average Gift with a Contact merge field (use case: syntax for Salesforce email templates. Can be used with Campaigns and Salesforce's Mass Email):{!Contact.Id}&m={!Contact.npo02__AverageAmount__c}

  • Syntax will change for other tools, such as MailChimp. Just include the Contact ID and the Average Gift fields in your export to MailChimp or other tools