Learn about Blackthorn | Payments' custom objects.

These custom objects are the bread and butter of Blackthorn | Payments.

  • Stripe Customer
    The Stripe Customer object connects your Salesforce customers (Accounts and/or Contacts) with your Customer accounts in Stripe.

  • Payment Gateway
    The Payment Gateway object connects your Stripe account to Salesforce.

  • Payment Methods
    The Payment Method object stores the methods by which you charge your customers.

  • Transactions
    The Transaction object is used to capture, authorize, and refund Transactions, create Payouts to external accounts, Transfer funds between Stripe accounts and provide adjustment Transactions from Stripe.

  • Payment Schedules
    The Payment Schedule object allows you to create a variety of forward-looking, scheduled (recurring) Transactions.

  • Legal Entity
    The Legal Entity object houses information regarding your company or companies.

  • Disputes
    The Dispute object receives Disputes and allows you to submit evidence and upload files in defense.

  • Webhook Events
    The Webhook object captures data from Stripe that need to be dispersed in Salesforce.

  • Custom Settings
    This custom setting houses all Triggers, Reattempt Settings, and Transaction Parent Logic that can be manually disabled.

  • Custom Metadata Types
    This Metadata Type automatically installs metadata records into your org.