Get familiar with Blackthorn | Payments' Features.

These features help you create many types of payment flows within Salesforce.

  • Virtual Terminal
    Our Virtual Terminal is a lightning component that works with ANY object, can be placed just about anywhere, configurable to your business processes and takes seconds to implement.

  • PayLink
    PayLink is our paid add-on feature that allows you to send mobile-responsive payment requests and is located on the Transaction object.

  • Invoicing
    Invoice from Blackthorn | Payments! Two new included objects: Sales Document and Line Item. You can now invoice your customers for payment over the web. This is a paid add-on within Blackthorn | Payments, inquire for details.

  • Payment Schedules
    The Payment Schedule object allows you to create a variety of forward-looking, scheduled (recurring) Transactions.

  • Webhook Events
    The Webhook object captures data from Stripe that need to be dispersed in Salesforce.

  • Default Payment Method
    Defining a Default Payment Method provides a constant update on related "Open" Transactions so that you don't miss capturing Payments on time due to an old card or ACH Payment Method.

  • Auto-Process and Reattempt Logic
    Our Auto-Process and Reattempt Logic provides you the ability to set future Transactions that will automatically capture (set it and forget it) with the reassurance, that if a Transaction fails, it will be reattempted automatically.

  • Automated Email Receipts
    We provide an out-of-the-box Email Template and Workflow Rule that can be activated in seconds.

  • Multi-Currency
    Blackthorn | Payments can process Transactions in any currency that Stripe supports (135+).

  • Out-of-the-box Reports and Dashboard
    There are several Reports and a Dashboard to give you a sense of your payment data and important items to track.