Get familiar with Blackthorn | Payments' Features.

These features help you create many types of payment flows within Salesforce.


  • Automated Email Receipts
    We provide an out-of-the-box Email Template and Workflow Rule that can be activated in seconds.

  • Auto-Process and Reattempt Logic
    Our Auto-Process and Reattempt Logic provides you the ability to set future Transactions that will automatically capture (set it and forget it) with the reassurance, that if a Transaction fails, it will be reattempted automatically.

  • Default Payment Method
    Defining a Default Payment Method provides a constant update on related "Open" Transactions so that you don't miss capturing Payments on time due to an old card or ACH Payment Method.

  • Multi-Currency
    Blackthorn | Payments can process Transactions in any currency that Stripe supports (135+).

  • Out-of-the-box Reports and Dashboard
    There are several Reports and a Dashboard to give you a sense of your payment data and important items to track.

  • PayLink
    PayLink is our paid add-on feature that allows you to send mobile-responsive payment requests and is located on the Transaction object.

  • Payment Schedules
    The Payment Schedule object allows you to create a variety of forward-looking, scheduled (recurring) Transactions.

  • Reconciliation and Payouts
    Payout records are created in Salesforce and immediately relate to the original charge transaction(s). This confirms the payout amount in your bank account matches the total charged amount(s), providing you consistency and accuracy in financial reporting.

  • Virtual Terminal
    Our Virtual Terminal is a lightning component that works with ANY object, can be placed just about anywhere, configurable to your business processes and takes seconds to implement.

  • Webhook Events
    The Webhook object captures data from Stripe that need to be dispersed in Salesforce.


  • Invoicing
    Invoice from Blackthorn | Payments! Two new included objects: Sales Document and Line Item. You can now create orders and send invoices to your customers for payment over the web. This is a paid add-on within Blackthorn | Payments, inquire for details.

  • DocumentLink
    Send orders and invoices to your customers through a mobile responsive and web-based DocumentLink.

  • Accept and Reject Orders
    Customers can accept or reject an Order through DocumentLink. The response updates the record in Salesforce, letting you know if an Invoice should be created or the order needs to be fixed and resubmitted to the customer.

  • Invoice Payment
    Customers can pay for their Invoice by Card or ACH. You get to decide! Transactions are automatically created and related to the Invoice record. The Invoice Status even updates to "Completed" automatically, letting you know when the Invoice has been paid.