Do I have to add-on other apps?

Yes. Blackthorn | Payments. It's included in the cost of Events and is needed for both free and paid events as it handles the checkout flow.

How is it priced?

See our AppExchange listing:


Is all data native to Salesforce?


Is there an integration to build?


Where does the checkout 'go'?

All checkouts process through Salesforce. Payments process through Stripe in a PCI-compliant method.

What happens during a checkout?

Event Checkout Flow

Does it work with Salesforce Communities?

Sort of. The UIs that are part of the offering do not work with Communities, however all of the data is native if you're seeking to have your own UI for events and use our Salesforce logic.

Can the app send emails?

Yes. All data is native to Salesforce so you can utilize native Salesforce features to send emails, such as Workflow Rules or Process Builder processes with Email Alerts. You can also utilize Pardot, Marketing Cloud, IBM Watson, MailChimp, or any other email app that can work with Salesforce Custom Objects.


Yes, manual or automated, with multiple criteria.

Can someone checkout and pay later? Can we invoice them?

Coming soon, yes. You can then issue a web-based invoice for payment.

Attendee Event-related

Can I create an Event record in Salesforce and have it auto-generate an event registration page that I can send my attendees to?

Yes. Stay tuned for our 'AttendeeLink' feature, coming in November 2018, where you can send unique links to attendees for registration.

Is there matching logic?

Yes, we Salesforce's duplicate matching rule logic, so you can get pretty creative with your matching rules. Generally speaking, email matching is your best bet.

Can I ask for a gift/donation during an event checkout?

Today, no, but perhaps in the future. For now, our Donations app sits outside of our event registration.

Attendee Check-in app

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, for event organizers to manage check-in.

Suppression list – if we send out a 2nd or 3rd invite to an event that already has registered attendees, can we exclude sending those additional invites to those already registered?

Our app is native, so you can use Campaigns filtered by the Campaign Member status, or if you're using an external app, just filter on the status of the Attendee if they've been invited yet or not- simple!