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When is Blackthorn | Events launching?

Q3 '18

Do I have to add-on other apps?

Yes. Events is part of the Blackthorn | Business Cloud. It needs our Payments and CPQ apps. The three apps work together automatically, no integration or customization work is needed.

  • Blackthorn | Payments: Primarily responsible for transacting money
  • Blackthorn | CPQ: Primarily responsible for event checkouts

How is it priced?

For our unauthenticated There is a Salesforce cost and a per-registration cost.


  • The first 10 users are $75/user/month, 10 user minimum, billed annually. The minimum user count helps us provide you with our excellent support. We apologize but we cannot go lower than this threshold.
  • This is a unified price for both Events and CPQ (Payments is free).
  • The price is applicable to all organization types, including non-profits.


  • Free events: Free.
  • Paid events: 2.50% + 20c, capped at $19.95/ticket.
  • Offline event payments do not count towards the registration fee, such as a company paying by check or wire. The registration fee only occurs when the checkout processes through the Blackthorn stack.


Is all data native to Salesforce?


Is there an integration to build?


Where does the checkout 'go'?

All checkouts process through Salesforce. Payments process through Stripe in a PCI-compliant method.

What happens during a checkout?

Event Checkout Flow

Does it work with Salesforce Communities?

No. If you're looking for an authenticated solution, Blackthorn created the Blackthorn | Customer Portal (see below for more information).

Can the app send emails?

Yes. All data is native to Salesforce so you can utilize native Salesforce features to send emails, such as Workflow Rules or Process Builder processes with Email Alerts. You can also utilize Pardot, Marketing Cloud, IBM Watson, MailChimp, or any other email app that can work with Salesforce Custom Objects.


Yes, manual or automated, with multiple criteria. Enable per ticket, event, session, track, and more.

Sponsorship package sales?


Can someone checkout and pay later? Can we invoice them?

Yes and yes. If you add-on Blackthorn | Documents, you can send web-based invoices for payment.

Attendee Event-related (Unauthenticated)

Can I create an Event record in Salesforce and have it auto-generate an event registration page that I can send my attendees to?


Is there matching logic?

Yes, we match on identical Contact email only. If you need additional criteria, use our authenticated checkout (below).

Can I ask for a gift/donation during an event checkout?

The feature is under consideration, please inquire if interested.

Attendee Event-related (Authenticated)

How can attendees log in?

Login is enabled with the Blackthorn | Customer Portal.

How does the Blackthorn | Customer Portal work?

All of your data is managed from Salesforce, Salesforce is the system is record, there is no integration of your data.

Pricing for the Blackthorn | Customer Portal?

With respect to Event management, the Blackthorn | Customer Portal starts at $2,990/month (billed annually) and includes up to 10,000 active users (last login within 30 days).

General Features?

Attendees can log in with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, or email/password, update their profile, create a support ticket, register for an event, see past events, and much more.

Can pricing and feature-access be dynamically set based upon the logged in user?

Yes. Set ticket availability, ticket types, session availability, pricing, capacities, and more, automatically rendered based upon which user is logged in.

Mobile App Features

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, it is enabled with the Blackthorn | Customer Portal. Attendees can log into the app to gain access to authenticated event functionality.


Included with the Blackthorn | Customer Portal.


Yes, attendees can comment on the main event page, within a session, and even direct message each other.

What's the difference between the authenticated event functionality, Blackthorn | Customer Portal, and the mobile app?

No difference, one in the same. Once a user logs into the mobile app, they'll have full access to all functionality.

Can attendees check-in with the app?

Yes, to the main event and to sessions.

Sponsor App Features (Lead Management)

Do you have a lead scanning app?

Not at this time.