• 13 Jul 2022
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Article Summary

Virtual Terminal allows you to create Payment Methods and also create, capture and auto-process Transactions on a scheduled date. It uses the latest method of Stripe.js and Accept.js for collecting the card details in order to maintain the simplest form of PCI Compliance. It provides you with the flexibility to modify the fields on the terminal using fieldsets. You can also pre-populate the fields on the terminal using our custom metadata mapping.


The Virtual Terminal is supported in Classic, Lightning, Lightning Utility Bar, Salesforce Mobile, Salesforce Communities, Global Quick Actions, and Custom Components.

Use Cases

The Virtual Terminal component supports Leads/Contacts or any object of your choosing (Standard or Custom) to be your Transaction Parent.

  • You can add/remove/sort fields in the terminal using Field Sets.
  • Ability to prepopulate fields values with mapping records. Click here for more information.
  • Create and process charge transactions, create payment methods, and create related object records.
  • Schedule a payment.
  • Add a Spreedly Payment Method and process a charge Transaction for that Payment Gateway provider.

What's Next