LWC Screen Flow Component (Beta)
  • 20 Feb 2024
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LWC Screen Flow Component (Beta)

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Article Summary

Drag and drop the BT Payments LWC Virtual Terminal into a Screen Flow to create a seamless experience for your customers or internal Salesforce users.

With Screen Flows and the BT Payments LWC Virtual Terminal, Admins and Developers can create an even more seamless payment experiences for Salesforce and Experience Cloud users with clicks instead of code.


Custom Metadata Types and Custom Settings are not respected in the screen flow component.

  1. Create a new screen flow.

  2. Add a Screen Element and provide a Label.

  3. In the Components tab scroll down to the Custom section.

  4. Find BT Payments LWC Virtual Terminal and drag the component to a section of the screen.

  5. Configure the following input variables.

    • API Name: This is how the component on this screen will be referenced in the rest of your flow.
    • Amount
    • Currency
    • Description
    • Enable Lite Version – Known issue affecting functionality.
    • Hide Amount
    • Hide Currency
    • Hide Bank Tab: If enabled, Bank details will be hidden from the list of available options when creating a Payment Method via the BT Payments LWC Virtual Terminal.
    • Hide Process Type – Known issue affecting functionality.
    • Make CVC Field Optional: If enabled, the CVC field will be optional when adding a Payment Method via the BT Payments LWC Virtual Terminal.
    • Parent Object API Name
    • Payment Gateway ID
    • Payment Method ID
    • Record Id
    • Show Address
  6. Set Component Visibility (optional).

  7. Set Advanced settings (optional).