March 2023 - Version 3.38
  • 30 Mar 2023
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March 2023 - Version 3.38

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Article summary

The Messaging app Version 3.38 includes Patch updates 3.36.1 to 3.36.7 and the updates listed below.

Task Trigger


When an SMS message was sent with missing From Phone or To Phone Numbers, the user received an unhelpful error message that could not be tracked.


Using the Task Trigger will create an error message that is better defined and can be tracked from Apex Jobs.

Backend Process Updates for the Smart Scheduler

The backend process has been updated to support the Smart Scheduler component with the Events app.

  • Preview/Test SMS will not show in the RLC and Conversations tab.
  • Messages that are sent through Smart Scheduler using an SMS template will be attached to the SMS Message record.
  • Selecting the SMS action in the Smart Scheduler will open the messaging component for composing messages (Template attachment and Media attachment).
  • When you select the SMS action, you will see the SMS Balance in the Smart Scheduler component.

What's Next