• 13 Jul 2022
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Article Summary

Products can be created in Salesforce or Stripe. Products define what you sell. Before you can create a Price or Subscription you need to create a Product.

Product Permission Limitations

Product is a standard object so it is not included in the Stripe Billing permission set. If you would like users to create and edit product records be sure to add permissions to a custom permission set. Additionally, you can have System Administrators perform actions with products.

Add Important Fields to the Page Layout

You'll want to add the following fields to your Product page layout:

  • Product ID
  • Type
  • Payment Gateway

Creating a Product

  1. Create a Salesforce Product or navigate to an existing one.
  2. Set the Payment Gateway lookup field to an active Payment Gateway (click the lookup selector and select).
  3. Set the Type picklist to Service.Prices can be created only for products of type 'Service'.
  4. The Product will automatically be pushed to Stripe.You'll know it worked if you see a Product ID field value populated within a couple of seconds.

Existing Stripe Products

If you already have created products in Stripe, you can sync them with your Salesforce org.

  1. Go to the Payment Gateway record.
  2. Click Sync with Stripe.
  3. New Products will be created in Salesforce.

Retrigger the Action of Pushing to Stripe

There may be some instances where the Product record did not automatically push to the Payment Gateway. For times like these we've added a button labeled Push To Stripe. This button works very much like the buttons with the same name on the Price and Subscription objects.

  1. Add the Push To Stripe button to your Product page layout.
  2. Navigate to the Product record you would like to add to the Payment Gateway.
  3. Click Push To Stripe
  4. On the next page push Save.
  5. You should see a green success message if this worked.
  6. You'll also notice that the Product ID field was populated.

Note: You cannot use the Push To Stripe button for Product updates. Those changes are not supported.

Product prices

Note that your Salesforce Product prices don't effect the Stripe Prices of your products.

What's Next