• 05 Apr 2023
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Required Step

Stripe Billing integration is an optional feature for Blackthorn Payments. In order to enable it, contact Blackthorn Support.

Blackthorn Payments consumes the Stripe Billing API, bi-directionally

You can perform any API-supported action within Salesforce that you can perform within the Stripe dashboard. Some processes include:

  • Start a Stripe subscription within Salesforce from an Account
  • Start a Stripe subscription within Salesforce from an Opportunity
  • Start a Stripe subscription within Stripe that pushes to Salesforce
  • Update subscriptions from Salesforce that update in Stripe
  • Update subscriptions from Stripe that update in Salesforce
  • Add Usage to Salesforce that sends to Stripe to automatically
  • Calculate Usage aligned with Tiers and Prices.
  • Invoices are auto-created in Salesforce from Stripe
  • Charges on Invoices are auto-created in Salesforce from Stripe

Report on all of your Stripe data natively in Salesforce using native Reports and Dashboards

Stripe Billing's architecture alignment with our Salesforce-native model

  • Salesforce Product = Stripe Product
  • Salesforce Price (Custom Object) = Stripe Price
  • You can have multiple Prices per Product. The Price contains the amount if there are no Tiers. In this sense, it's similar to how Salesforce's Price Books work.
  • Salesforce Tier (Custom Object) = Stripe Tier
  • You can have multiple Tiers per Price.
  • Salesforce Usage (Custom Object) = Stripe Usage
  • Salesforce Subscription and Subscription Item (Custom Objects) = Stripe Subscriptions and Subscription Items
  • Salesforce Sales Document and Line Item (Custom Object) = Stripe Invoice and Invoice Item
  • For Stripe Billing to work properly, Salesforce records must exist in Stripe prior to creating or updating a Stripe Subscription from Salesforce. You can create Stripe records from Salesforce, or sync them back from Stripe.

Stripe Billing Objects Diagram

ERD Diagram_Stripe Billing Objects