Prefilled Information
  • 01 Feb 2024
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Prefilled Information

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Article Summary

Pre-populate Attendee Information Limitation

An Event Item cannot be defined in the lookup on the underlying Attendee record in a multi-ticket scenario. Previously, when there were multiple Event Items (Tickets) and none of them were pre-related to an Attendee, registering for an Event via an AttendeeLink created duplicate Attendee records.

To redeem multiple Event Items, an Attendee must first click the Redeem button. The Attendee can then add additional Event Items and complete the checkout process without creating duplicate Attendee records.

When you define the Attendee's information, it prefills during Checkout.

Update the Event Settings' Page Layout

Before an Attendee can update their pre-filled information, the Event SettingsAllow Attendee Edit AttendeeLink fields field must be added to the page layout and checked.

  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Click the Object Manager tab.
  4. In the Quick Find box, enter and click “Event Settings”.
  5. Click the Page Layouts tab.
  6. Click Event Settings Layout.
  7. Drag and drop the Allow Attendee Edit AttendeeLink fields field onto the page layout.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Open the relevant Event Settings record.
  10. Click the Pencil icon in the Allow Attendee Edit AttendeeLink fields field.
  11. Set Allow Attendee Edit AttendeeLink fields = “True” (checked).
  12. Click Save.

Editing the Attendee Form

The Attendee can now update any fields on the Attendee Form except the Name and Email fields. This will not update the related Contact or Lead record.

update the attendee form

Mapping Custom Questions

When an Attendee clicks on their AttendeeLink, custom questions (Forms and Form Elements) will be pre-filled with the Attendee’s data from their Contact, Lead, Account, or Attendee record(s).

If the Attendee makes any changes via their AttendeeLink, the information will be updated automatically in the org. This functionality works for any standard/custom field on the Account, Contact, Lead, or Attendee records.

Please Read

For those using Events Version 3.68+, the AttendeeLink Custom Questions mapping prefill of data no longer requires a feature flag. If you are using an earlier version, please contact Blackthorn Support with your Org ID to have it turned on.