September 2021 - Version 5.33
  • 13 Jul 2022
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September 2021 - Version 5.33

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Article Summary

Once the updates listed below have been reviewed, please follow the upgrade instructions to upgrade your Payments application.

Salesforce Release Update Known Issue

Enable Secure Static Resources for Lightning Components is a Salesforce Release Update that has been postponed indefinitely. Test Run on this Release Update should remain disabled in order to use our Virtual Terminal components. This is due to a Salesforce Known Issue.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Review the Bug Fixes.
  2. Install Version 5.33 of Blackthorn Payments here.
  1. Navigate to Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard, click the PayLink tab, and install the latest PayLink package.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: The Clear button on the Virtual Terminal has been removed from all screens. This was determined to be an unnecessary feature.
  • Resolved: Transaction reattempts were not being processed properly for Transactions. The reattempt logic has been updated to add support for Payment Gateways.
  • Resolved: The Payment Charge Flow component was throwing a component error when being used by customers to execute charging a Transaction. We've removed the reference to customerId to prevent this error from being displayed in the future.
  • Resolved: The Sales Document (Invoice) field on a refund Transaction created from a Webhook Event was not displaying the proper value. We made an update to ensure users see the related Sales Document information displayed on the Transaction record regardless of how the Transaction was refunded.
  • Resolved: Added the ability for the Mobile App Version field to be populated when charging Card and ACH payments through the mobile app.
  • Resolved: When Lead records were automatically created using Relationship Settings, one word Name values were appearing with the prefix of null. We've adjusted the code that creates the Lead record to consider one word values and remove the word null as text in the Company field.

Stripe Billing

  • Resolved: When creating a Stripe Invoice using the Create Invoice button on Opportunity, the related Line Items did not reflect a "Stripe Line Item" Record Type. Users will now notice Stripe Invoices contain Stripe Line Items.
  • Resolved: Customers with more than 10 items on a Stripe Invoice noticed that the Sales Document created in Salesforce only displayed a maximum of 10 of the Line Items. We've updated our logic so that when Stripe Invoices are being synced either by webhooks or Historical Sync, all Line Items will be displayed on the Sales Document in Salesforce.
  • Resolved: We cleaned up some of our error messaging for Stripe Billing. Unnecessary characters were being displayed, and they have been removed.