March 2021 - Version 5.17
  • 13 Jul 2022
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March 2021 - Version 5.17

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Article Summary

Once the updates listed below have been reviewed, please follow the upgrade instructions to upgrade your Payments application.

Breaking Change

Be aware that the following Custom Settings have been deprecated as of this release: Terminal Disable New Charge, Terminal Default New Payment Method, and Terminal Disable New Payment Method. If you are already utilizing these settings be sure to uncheck them in your org and use Disable New Charge, Default New Payment Method, and Disable New Payment Method instead.

Important upgrade note for all

Starting with the June 2021 release, we will require all customers to be no more than 3 versions behind the latest version. We'll start reaching out to customers in April that are more than 3 versions behind.

Salesforce Release Update Known Issue

Enable Secure Static Resources for Lightning Components is a Salesforce Release Update that will be enforced in Summer '21. Test Run on this Release Update should remain disabled in order to use our Virtual Terminal components. This is due to a Salesforce Known Issue.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Review the Bug Fixes and Enhancements.
  2. Install version 5.17 of Blackthorn Payments here:
  1. Navigate to Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard, click the PayLink tab, and install the latest PayLink package.


  • Updated the Field Label and Help Text included on the Blackthorn Payments | Virtual Terminal Custom Setting for Disable Amount to reflect the updates to that functionality. The ability to disable the Amount field on the Virtual Terminal is now something that users can enable for a Virtual Terminal that lives in a Salesforce Community or in the Salesforce Org they are using.
  • We've added another Custom Setting to Blackthorn Payments | Virtual Terminal. The setting is labeled Disable Payment Gateway. When this setting is enabled the user will notice that the Payment Gateway field on the Virtual Terminal is read only.Note: The Payment Gateway field on the Virtual Terminal is only visible in orgs with multiple Payment Gateways.
  • In an effort to consolidate all of the Virtual Terminal Custom Settings into one place, we moved Terminal Related To Default Object to Blackthorn Payments | Virtual Terminal. This setting was previously in the Custom Setting labeled Blackthorn Pay - Trigger Settings. Additionally, we renamed this setting. It is now labeled Related To Default Object.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: We noticed the success message that's visible when creating a Subscription from an Opportunity needed an update. This message has been modified to accurately reflect the action taking place.
  • Resolved - If a customer ever had multiple Payment Gateways for the same provider we noticed the Virtual Terminal might not recognize the difference. Let's say upi are trying to use the Virtual Terminal to save a SCA Payment Method for Stripe. You can now do that even if another non-SCA Stripe Payment Gateway in your org is set as a default.
  • Resolved - When using the Virtual Terminal Custom Setting for Transaction Success Message the success message was still visible even when a Transaction failed. Now you will only see the failure message when a Transaction fails.
  • Resolved - When enabling the Custom Setting Hide Related To the field Payment Method was also hiding. You'll now notice that when this setting is enabled only the Related To field is hidden.
  • Resolved - There were instances where the Sales Document wasn't reflecting the applied credit from Stripe in the Amount Paid field. This caused the Balance Due to remain on the Sales Document equal to the credit. This also left the Payment Status set to 'Partially Paid'. Our logic has been updated to capture these amounts and update the fields accordingly.
  • Resolved - When using Paylink to charge a Transaction the Payment Gateway Customer lookup was not being populated.
  • Resolved - While using Paylink to charge a Stripe ACH Transaction, when the Transaction Status was still pending the Account and Contact lookups were not being properly populated.

Custom Settings/ Custom Labels - Updates

  • Removed: Terminal Disable New Charge
  • Removed: Terminal Default New Payment Method
  • Removed: Terminal Disable New Payment Method
  • Added: Disable Payment Gateway
  • Moved: Terminal Related to Default Object
  • Renamed: Terminal Related To Default Object to Related To Default Object