July 2021 - Version 5.29
  • 07 Dec 2023
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July 2021 - Version 5.29

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Article Summary

Once the updates listed below have been reviewed, please follow the upgrade instructions to upgrade your Payments application.

Salesforce Release Update Known Issue

Enable Secure Static Resources for Lightning Components is a Salesforce Release Update that will be enforced in Winter '22. Test Run on this Release Update should remain disabled in order to use our Virtual Terminal components. This is due to a Salesforce Known Issue.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Review the Bug Fixes and Enhancements.
  2. Install version 5.29 of Blackthorn Payments here.
  1. Navigate to Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard, click the PayLink tab, and install the latest PayLink package.


  • Added Paylink v1.21 to Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard.
  • Enabled Coupons, Subscriptions, Subscription Items, and Stripe Invoices to be used with Batch Apex Callouts to Stripe. This is in addition to the other Stripe Billing objects that were previously enabled to be used in this way.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: Contact and Account records created from Relationship Settings matching were not always retaining full name values. This happened when a customer added 3 text values to the Name field on a Payment Gateway Customer record. We've updated logic to consider scenarios where 3 text values are added. This includes when a customer is using Middle Names.
  • Resolved: Some customers were running into errors when querying the Payment Gateway object while trying to use our API for a checkout process on their site. We've added additional read permissions for Site Guest User profile so they can access the proper token fields.
  • Resolved: When adding a path to a Salesforce community URL users noticed that they were not getting redirected properly after using the visualforce version of Virtual Terminal. We've made an update so now we are reading the existing URL and redirect the user using that URL when the visualforce component is used. The Aura component version of Virtual Terminal already had the capability of reading the URL path and redirecting the user correctly.
  • Resolved: Users who added the aura version of Virtual Terminal to a community page noticed that fields like Related To and Parent Object where not getting populated. We've added a design attribute to this component so those values can be displayed.
  • Resolved: The Add Picklist Values button on the Payments Admin page was not always triggering updates. This has been fixed.
  • Resolved: When using Virtual Terminal and an Authorize.net Payment Gateway users noticed missing Payment Method data. After webhooks processed the Account lookup on the Payment Method record was being removed. We updated the logic to not overwrite the field with the blank values.
  • Resolved: DocumentLink invoices were not reflecting the date format from the browser's locale. The locale detection code has been updated to prevent this from occurring in the future.
  • Resolved: When using Stripe Checkout in conjunction with CNY currencies and Alipay an error was being displayed in Paylink and on the Transaction record. We've added CNY as a Currency value on the Payment Intent object to allow for successful Transaction processing.
  • Resolved: When clicking the Remove From Gateway button on a Payment Method record the action was not being reflected in the corresponding gateway. We've updated the Payment Gateway logic on the visualforce page to allow users without the System Administrator profile proper accessibility.
  • Resolved Updated the PAY button behavior for DocumentLink so the experience is similar no matter what payment provider is being used.
  • Resolved: The Default Relationship Settings record was not being created with fresh installs of Blackthorn Payments. The record is now appearing.
  • Resolved When adding ACH Payment Methods using Virtual Terminal in conjunction with Webhooks configured, users noticed that the Payment Method Status was being updated to "One-Time". We have resolved this webhook behavior so that the Payment Method Status will not update to "One-Time" and the Record Type will remain "ACH".

Stripe Billing

  • Resolved: When updating a Price on a Subscription in Stripe the record in Salesforce wasn't reflecting the change in all the necessary locations. Users will now notice that the Price field is updated on the Subscription record if the Price has been updated in Stripe.
  • Resolved: Inbound webhooks and historical sync records were not creating Price or Invoice related records when a Price from Stripe included more than 2 numbers after the decimal. We've added another field in Salesforce on the Stripe object and labeled it Full Amount. This way we can write values to that field that include up to 12 decimal places.
  • Resolved: Blackthorn Logs were being generated when Subscription Schedule records were being pushed to Stripe. We've updated the Sales Document logic related to Subscription creation to address this.


  • Added support for the Middle Name field on Contact. When users have enabled the Middle Name user interface setting in setup they will notice that Middle Name can be added to a Contact record. Subsequently, when users added names to the Donation form that includes three space separated values, they'll see all three values on the Contact record.

Updates to Custom Settings & Fields

  • Full Amount has been added to the Price object