October 2021 - Version 3.27
  • 13 Jul 2022
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October 2021 - Version 3.27

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Read on for the latest updates in the October 2021 release.


  • Auto Recharge your Message Balance. Never run out of messages again. You can now automatically add more messages to your account when your balance falls below your desired threshold.
  • Filter your Inbox using Conversation List Views. This option opens up many more filtering options for your inbox. Create list views on the Conversation object and use those list views for your inbox filters.
  • Set a Default From Number. When a user has access to send text messages from multiple phone numbers they can now choose which one shows as the default.
  • Configure Default and Excluded Phone Fields by Object. When sending text messages from a record you can now configure which phone fields are displayed in the To drop-down in the Messenger. Sometimes you'll want to default a certain field and even exclude some fields from showing up.
  • Set the number of messages that load in the Textey Messenger. For better performance in the Textey Messenger component you can set a default page size of the number of messages that load when the component loads.
  • Set the number of conversations that load in the Textey Inbox. For better performance in the Textey Inbox you can set a default page size of the number of Conversations that load when the Inbox loads.
  • Sticky sidebar on the Textey Inbox. If you open the sidebar on the Textey Inbox it will remain open as you click into different conversations.
  • A2P Messaging form included in Textey Administration page. To support the new A2P Messaging routes we have included the required registration form directly in the signup process located in the Textey Administration page.
  • Improved File management for MMS attachments. Now you can leverage Salesforce Libraries to control and manage which files can be sent in text messages.
  • Enhancements to invocable apex class. You can now send bulk messages of different object types and templates.
  • Real-time check for Opt-Out when sending scheduled Bulk SMS. Now when you schedule a bulk message, either from a Campaign or List View, the Do Not SMS checkbox on the record will be used to determine whether or not to send the message to the recipient. This means that if someone opts-out after you've scheduled a message that includes them they won't receive that scheduled bulk text.

Bug Fixes

  • The Next Payment Date shown on the Textey Administration page would in some cases be blank.
  • Resolved issue where Textey Messenger would not load on a Community page layout.
  • Resolved issue where Campaign lookup field on the SMS Message record was sometimes blank when sending a bulk message from a Campaign.
  • Resolved issue where animated GIFS were not animating when viewed in the Messenger.
  • Resolved broken icons within the Messenger when viewing certain file attachments.
  • Resolved issue where List Views that referenced a parent record would sometimes cause an error when used as a conversation filter.
  • When filtering on an SObject list view in the Textey Conversations component there could be an error if using a related record field in the list view filter. For example, if you created a Contact list view and filtered on a field like "Account.Name" then an error might have been generated when you tried to filter your conversations using that list view.
  • When an org had Multi-Currency enabled there could be a problem where Conversation records were not created properly.
  • When sending an automated text using the invocable "Send Textey Message" apex action, sometimes when the recipient's area code started with "44" (i.e. "443-555-5555") then it conflicted with the UK country code of "+44" and the message would not be sent.
  • Resolved an issue in a previous version where an Apex automation could fail if using an SMS Template that did not contain any merge fields.