November 2020 - Version 3.13
  • 13 Jul 2022
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November 2020 - Version 3.13

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We are excited to announce the release of Textey version 3.13!

Phone Number Lookups

Phone Number Lookups is a new feature that lets you identify the line-type of a phone number. A phone number's line type can be mobile, VoIP, or landline. When you send text messages to landlines you are still charged for the attempted delivery of that message, which leads to wasted messages and unnecessary costs.

Learn more about Phone Number Lookups here.

Changes to Inbound MMS

When you receive an inbound image a Salesforce File will now be created for that image and saved related to the Media record. Your images will still be visible as before. Learn more about these changes here.

Improved Reports and Dashboards

There are two new Dashboards included with this version. The dashboards are named:

  • Textey Dashboard (Lightning)
  • Textey Phone Number Lookup Dashboard

These have been improved with more underlying reports and take better advantage of new Lightning dashboard components.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed UI issue where the Utility Bar was being cut off at the bottom after Winter 21 update.
  • When converting a Lead, all Conversation records will now be moved to the new Contact.
  • Improved a query that could timeout on large SMS Message datasets when an inbound message is received.
  • Fixed known issue where some SMS Message records are associated to the wrong Parent Id when sent from the Invocable_SendMessage.sendMessage() method from apex.