Create a Template
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Create a Template

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Article Summary

Blackthorn Messaging provides some great options to create and use templates when sending SMS messages.

  1. Go to the Messaging application in the dropdown on the top right corner.
  2. Click the SMS Templates tab on the Home page of the app and click the New button. This brings up the first page of the template builder where the following details need to be added.
    • Template Name - Eg: Lead First Call which can be used to set up a first level call with your leads
    • Active status box is checked
    • Select Object You can choose from a dropdown of all the objects that are in your Salesforce account. This includes all your Standard Objects, Custom Objects and any Objects that are part of another managed package that you may have installed from Appexchange. For our example, let’s select the Lead Object since we will be using this for Lead Records.
  3. Click Next which brings up the next page on the template builder.
  4. Select the Field in the Build Template section. You can select from a list of all the lead fields that have been added to the Object. This includes the Standard and Custom fields. For our example, let’s select the First Name option from the dropdown. This will automatically populate the Copy Merge Field Value as {FirstName}.
  5. Copy and paste the value {FirstName} onto the message body and complete the text for your message.
  6. The Workflow Rules Options section is relevant only if you are using the template within Workflow Rules. Workflow Rules help automate outbound messages.
  7. Click Save. Your template is now created.

Let’s test it out to see how the templates work with a lead record.

  1. Navigate to a lead record.
  2. Click the Send SMS button.
    In the Send a Message window, you will notice that the Template dropdown includes the Lead First Call template that you just created. Choosing that will populate the Message body with the template content. You will also notice that the First Name merge action has already been done too. You can make changes to the message body too if needed.
  3. Click Send Now to send the message to the lead.

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