March 2021 - Version 3.18.3
  • 13 Jul 2022
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March 2021 - Version 3.18.3

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Read on for the latest updates in the March 2021 release.


  • We've added support for International Text Messaging (limited pilot). Reach out to if you have a use case for messaging outside of the US & Canada and want to learn more.
  • An additional option was added to the Conversation Ownership Routing feature. This new option is called Last Sent Message Owner. This option will route the ownership of a Conversation to the user who sent the last outbound text message to the recipient.
  • When the owner of a Conversation is changed this event is streamed to all Textey components. This creates a real-time UI update and could immediately add/remove this Conversation from a user's inbox depending on their filters.
  • The Textey Messenger component can now be added to a Conversation record page layout. This allows users to navigate to a Conversation record and converse directly from there. This is helpful if you route Conversations through Salesforce Omnichannel as Work Items and want to be able to open the Conversation record and conduct the text message conversation from there.
  • Clicking a link from any of the Textey components, while in a Console application, will open a subtab of the Console instead of opening an entirely new browser tab.
  • When a user is in the Textey Messenger component and clicks the To drop-down field they can hover over the phone field label to see the actual phone number.
  • A new checkbox field named Allow Media has been added to the Phone Number object. Unchecking this box on the Phone Number record will remove the attachment icon when a user is sending from this phone number, thus they would not be able to send an attachment.
  • We have added support for sending two additional types of files as MMS. It is now possible to send PDF files and vCard files (aka Virtual Contact Files).

Bug Fixes

  • RESOLVED: The Add Messages to Contact on Lead Conversion setting was not re-parenting Conversation records from Leads to Contacts. Only SMS Message records were being added to the new Contact, but now the Contact => SMS Message structure is preserved and moved altogether when a Lead is converted.
  • RESOLVED: When a new Conversation is created the inbound SMS Message record that created the Conversation will also be owned by the user who the Conversation is routed to. Previously the SMS Message record might have been owned by a different user than the one who the Conversation was routed to.
  • RESOLVED: We noticed that duplicate SMS Message records were created when using the Invocable_SendMessage apex class even when the text messages were not actually sent to the recipient.
  • RESOLVED: There were instances where SMS Message records could be associated to the wrong parent records when a list of messages was sent through the Invocable_SendMessage apex class.