Welcome to Blackthorn Payments
  • 19 Mar 2024
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Welcome to Blackthorn Payments

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Article summary

Blackthorn Payments offers simple, Salesforce-native payment processing for every industry. Centralize and modernize your online, subscription, or mobile payment process. Whether one-time or recurring subscriptions, Blackthorn Payments streamlines every step of the process while giving your team access to critical financial data.

Important Features

  • Connect your Payment Gateway in a matter of minutes with our Setup Wizard.
  • Process payments by phone with our Virtual Terminal.
  • Send web-based Invoices with our DocumentLink feature.
  • Configure self-service payment options within the Community by using the BT Payments LWC Virtual Terminal or ChargeFlow component.
  • Set up recurring payments that will be automatically captured via payment schedules. Set it and forget it.
  • Process mobile payments with our iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Send payment requests with our PayLink feature.
  • Stay PCI-Compliant using certain features of our app (see PCI Compliance for more information).
  • Connect multiple Payment Gateways.
  • Process payments in any currency that Stripe supports.
  • Sync historical data.
  • Automatically update expired cards.
  • Payments can originate in your gateway or in Salesforce. If it is from your gateway, be sure to set up webhooks so the data flows from your gateway to Salesforce.
  • Salesforceeditions supported: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, Developer, Force.com (App Cloud).
    • Blackthorn Payments is not supported in Salesforce Professional Edition orgs.

Performance and Scale Testing

Performance and Scale testing must be pre-approved by both Salesforce and Blackthorn. Please complete the steps below.

  1. Follow the guidance provided by Salesforce and seek Salesforce approval
  2. Once you obtain Salesforce approval, submit a case to Blackthorn with your plan and detailed testing scenarios. You will be able to upload attachments after your ticket has been opened. 
  3. If approved, Blackthorn will work with you to determine an optimal date and time to run your tests.

Please read Performance and Scale of Your Experience Cloud Site for additional resources.