• 13 Jul 2022
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Sizing Specifications

To get the best quality of user interface in your Event pages, we recommend using the following sizing specification for your images. If you are not using the following ratios, the images may be distorted.

  • Event Image URL: 820px x 410px (ratio 2:1)
  • AttendeeLink image: 820px x 410px (ratio 2:1)
  • Session Image URL: 810px x 250px (ratio 3:1)
  • Speakers' avatar image (Image URL): 128px x 128px (ratio 1:1)
  • Attendees' avatar image: 128px x 128px (ratio 1:1)
  • Sponsor logo image (Image URL): 320px x 128px (ratio 2.5:1)

Image Sources

Important: URL links need to be HTTPS, not HTTP.

There are two kinds of images you may set in Events (Salesforce).

  • Images in string fields
  • Images in rich text fields

Image Sources

Public images

You can always use a public image from third parties if they allow you to use the images out of their platform, such as Imgur.

Classic UI:

  1. Paste the public image URL into a string field directly.
  2. Use the public image URL in a rich text field, like this:
    Public Images

Lightning UI

  1. Paste the public image URL into a string field directly.
  2. Unfortunately, Lightning UI doesn't provide a way to use a third party image URL in rich text fields.

Uploading Images

Blackthorn supports a few methods for uploading images.

  • Salesforce Documents
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

To upload from Salesforce Documents

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Classic and open Documents.

  2. Upload a new document.

  3. Make sure the Externally Available Image field is set to "True".
    Uploading Images 1

  4. Right click the image you just uploaded, and select "Copy Image Address".

  5. Paste the image address into the Image URL field on your Event, or wherever else you'd like to use it!

To upload from Google Drive

  1. Upload your image.
  2. Set sharing rules to "Anyone on the internet with this link can view."
  3. Click "Copy link" and add it to your Event!
    Uploading Images 2

To upload from Dropbox

  1. Upload your image.
  2. Ensure "Who this link will work for" = "Anyone".
  3. Click "Copy link" and add it to your Event!
    Uploading Images 3


Q: Do you support Salesforce Files?
A: At this time, Salesforce Files are not supported.

Q: Do you support image versioning?
A: At this time, we do not. When inserting a new URL, please ensure it is a unique URL. This will allow the image to update properly on the Event.

Q: Are there any size or file type limitations?
A: Yes.
* Size of 100 MBs
* Files formats supported include: .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, and .xlsx
* Image files supported include: .gif, .jpg, and .png