Email Receipts
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Email Receipts

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Transaction Receipt Email

Blackthorn | Payments allows you to send receipts from Salesforce or from Stripe. If you choose to send from Salesforce, you will have full control over the criteria (Workflow Rule), who it goes to (Email Alert), and the Email Template used (html or text). Emails from Stripe only offer two options: successful payments and/or refunds.

Turn on Blackthorn | Payments Receipt (HTML or Text)

Step One: Navigate to Workflow Rules

***Lightning/Classic: *Setup | In Quick Find, Search and Click: "Workflow Rules."

Step Two: Activate Workflow Rule

  • Click "Activate" next to "Send Blackthorn | Payment Receipt (HTML)" or "Send Blackthorn | Payment Receipt(Text)".We include both HTML and Text because not all email programs support HTML (Special formatting, colors, positioning, etc.) whereas all email programs support Text (Plain text, no special formatting).
  • Criteria for these Workflow Rules are: Transaction's Status = "Completed" and Payment Status = "Captured" or "Partially Captured".When the criteria evaluates to true, an immediate Workflow action triggers an email to be sent to the Payment Method's Billing Email from the current salesforce user's email.

If you are happy with the criteria above and who it is being sent to, simply clicking Activate next to one of the Workflow Rules begins the automated email process. No additional setup is required!

Stripe's Automated Email

  1. Navigate to Settings, within Stripe.
  2. Select Emails
  3. Check next to "Successful Payments" and/or "Refunds"
    H_02_06_Stripes automated email

Please select either Blackthorn | Payments or Stripe for sending receipts so that your customers do not receive two email notifications regarding the same Transaction.

Customize Blackthorn Payments Receipt (HTML or Text)

The information below provides instruction on customizing the Workflow Rule, Email Alert, and Email Template for the automated payment email receipt.

Workflow Rule

The criteria for these two workflow rules are not editable, but you can "Clone" to create your own criteria.

For example, if you would like the workflow rule to send an email only if the Transaction is "Completed" and "Captured", not "Partially Captured".

H_02_06_workflow rule

Workflow Action

Once the criteria is met from the Workflow Rule, the action defines what should happen. For our feature, we have an immediate Email Alert sending out an email receipt.

  • Edit the existing action: The only fields you can change are Recipient TypeSelected RecipientsAdditional Emails, and the From Email Address.
  • Use Case: If you want to add a Salesforce user's email to all the emailed receipts, you would edit the action and add the user from the Recipient Type = Users and add them to Selected Recipients.*
  • Add immediate and time-dependent actions: You have the ability to add new actions to the managed Workflow Rule. For more information on adding actions, click here.

H_02_06_workflow action

Email Template

The Email Template defines what message will be sent to your customer and whether it is formatted (HTML) or not (Text).

  • Navigate to the Blackthorn | Payments Email Templates:

Lightning/Classic: Setup | Quick Find and Click: "Email Templates."

  • Drop down next to "Folder", select Blackthorn | Payments.
  • Click on one of the templates (HTML or Text) Email Template Name field.
  • Click on Edit HTML Version button to update the email message.
    Only merge fields can come from the Transaction object. Other related object's fields will not render any data. If you would like to merge fields from related objects you will need to create formula fields onto the Transaction object first. See the use case below for adding custom fields.

Note: There are two templates, one for HTML and the other for Text. Depending on the Workflow Rule you enabled, update the Email Template type that matches the Workflow Rule.The related Email Template can be found on the "Email Alert" detail page.

Use Case

Custom Merge Fields from Opportunity into the Transaction Email Template

To add custom merge fields into the email template from objects other than Transaction, you will need to create those fields in the Transaction object as formula type fields and pull in the values from the related object.

For the use case below, we will be creating a custom field on the Transaction with a formula referencing the Opportunity Name field.

Step One

Create a custom formula field on the Transaction object.

  • Navigate to the Transaction object.

Lightning/Classic: Click Setup | In the Quick Find | Search and Click "Objects" under create or "Object" manager.

  • Click on the Transaction object.
  • Navigate to Custom Fields & Relationships.
  • Create "New".
  • Select Formula.
  • Formula return type: Text.
  • Under Advance Formula, Insert Field, scroll down and click Opportunity>, then select the Opportunity Name field, click Insert.
  • Click "Next", then "Next" again.
  • Click "Save".

NOTE: Some field types need special handling. You may need to wrap the field name in:

  • Text(fieldnamehere) OR Value(fieldnamehere)
    Picklist fields need value(fieldname) and number fields need text(fieldname).

H_02_06_use cases step 1

Step Two

Updating the Blackthorn | Payments Email Receipt

Updating the Blackthorn | Payments Email Receipt

  • Navigate to Email Templates

Lightning/Classic: Click Setup | In the Quick Find | Search and Click "Email Templates."

  • Drop down the folder list and select "Blackthorn | Payments".
  • Open either the HTML or Text version of Receipt.
  • Click "Edit HTML" version.
  • Add your new formula field, Opportunity Name to the email template as a merged field.

H_02_06_use cases step 2

Manually Send an Email Receipt

  1. On the Activity History related list of the Transaction record, click Email.
  2. To change formatting type, click Switch to Text-Only or Switch to HTML.
  3. Click Select Template and select the Transaction Receipt (HTML or Text).
  4. Complete the fields.
  5. Click Send.

H_02_06_manually send email receipt

Next Steps


If you have received an error regarding email receipts or have a question, please view our Troubleshooting page. If you still have Default Payment Method questions, please contact Blackthorn Support. We're happy to help!

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