Configure Settings
  • 14 Feb 2024
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Configure Settings

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Article Summary

There are several configuration options that you can setup for Blackthorn Messaging based on how you want the application to perform. The configuration settings are found by going to the Messaging Administration tab and clicking into the Configuration Settings section.

Let’s take a look at each option in detail.


Enable Campaigns

Enable this option if you intend to use inbound keyword campaigns. If this box is NOT checked then Messaging will not attempt to match inbound messages to a campaign.

Enable Trackable Links

Enable this option if you want all URLs that begin with “http://” or “https://” to be shortened into a trackable link.

Add Messages to Contact on Lead Conversion

When this option is enabled, all messages associated with a Lead will be carried over to the Contact when the Lead is converted.


Auto-Create Leads

Enable this option if you want a Lead to be created whenever an inbound message is not matched to an existing record.

Post Incoming Messages to Chatter

Enable this option if you want a Chatter post to be made to the SMS Message record owner whenever an incoming text message is received. This is especially helpful on the Salesforce mobile app because the Chatter post will create an alert.

Default Search Object

When an incoming text message is received and it cannot be matched to an existing conversation between the two phone numbers, Messaging will search all the phone fields in this object to find a matching record.

You can also enter multiple objects in this field, i.e. “Contact, Lead”. Messaging will first attempt to find a Contact that matches this phone number. If one is not found, it will then attempt to find a Lead that matches the phone number.

Attach Outbound Images

Enable this option if you want to save OUTBOUND images as an attachment to your message. This only pertains to single messages. Bulk messages that contain an image will never have the image saved as an attachment.

If this option is enabled keep in mind that each image attachment will consume file storage space in your Salesforce org.

Consent Popup Frequency

Select either “Once per Recipient” or “Once per Sender” to configure how frequently the SMS consent popup will be displayed to the Salesforce user. The popup cannot be fully disabled due to Messaging’s consent policy. Click here to learn how to change the content of your help/stop consent messages.