Blackthorn | Payments Admin
  • 24 Jan 2023
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Blackthorn | Payments Admin

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Using Forethought

Payments app users can access Forethought, our new chat feature, from the Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab.

This tab helps you manage Payment Settings. Functions in each section are described below.

Batch Jobs

Most of these batch jobs are scheduled to run nightly but you can immediately start any of the following Payments batch job by clicking the button.

  • Rollup Transactions to Parent - Updates the Total fields on Parents records for updated child Transactions.
  • Process Scheduled Charge Transactions Now - This starts 2 different batch processes. The first batch job processes all Authorized Charges (Payment Status = Authorized) with Auto Capture = True, Date To Process = Today and Transaction Type = Normal. The second batch job processes all charges with Auto Capture = True, Date To Process = Today and Transaction Type = Normal. Also, see Process charge scheduled transactions and reattempt logic here.
  • Update Transaction Net Amount - Update the net amount on Transactions with a Stripe record type.
  • Update Balances - Update the Salesforce and Stripe balances for all Payment Gateway and Connect Accounts.
  • Process Scheduled Refund Transactions Now - This start a batch job that processes all Charges with Auto Capture = True, Date To Process = Today, Transaction Type = Refund and a Payment Method.
  • Process Scheduled Payouts - This start a batch job that processes all Payouts with Auto Capture = True and Date To Process = Today.
  • Process Scheduled Transfers - This start a batch job that processes all Transfers with Auto Capture = True and Date To Process = Today.
  • Process Payout Balance History - Connect all Payout records with related Charge and Transfer (Stripe Connect) records.
  • Update Balances - Update the Stripe balances for all Payment Gateways and Connect Accounts.
  • Assign default payment methods - Assign the Account/Contact Default Payment Method to related Transactions with an "Open" status.
  • Update transaction net amount - Updates the net amount on Transactions.

Scheduled Jobs

Metadata Upgrades

We sometimes add metadata changes that do not get updated when you upgrade to the latest payments package. You can deploy our latest metadata with the click of a button on this tab.

  • Deploy Record Types - Update all Profiles to have visibility and the correct default Record Type of all Payment objects.
  • Add Virtual Terminal Buttons - This adds a Virtual Terminal button to all "Parent" objects you configured in the Setup Wizard.
  • Deploy Roll-up Fields - This will deploy summary fields onto your Transaction parent objects. For example, if you defined Opportunity as your Transaction parent, a group of summary fields will be created on that object.
  • Enable Order to Invoice - This will deploy an Order lookup onto the Invoice Object so you can easily create invoices from Order records.

The label for the Sales Document lookup field (conference360Sales_Documentc) on the Opportunity object has been changed to Invoice. This change will ensure the Events package has the correct label updates for Invoice (previously Sales Document

  • Add Payment Fields to Page Layouts - Make sure our recommended Payment Fields are visible on all our Page Layouts. Salesforce doesn't add new fields to Page Layouts when upgrading a Package so we made an easy way for you to do it!
  • Add Picklist values -Make sure our recommended Picklist Values are visible.
    • Fields Included:
      • Provider on Payment Gateway
      • Payment Status on Transaction
      • Transaction Status on Transaction
      • Source on Transaction
      • Status on Sales Document
      • Payment Status on Sales Document
      • Status on Checkout Submission
      • Payment Method Status on Payment Method
      • Proration Behavior on Subscription
      • Status on Subscription

Stripe Billing

  • Deploy Stripe Billing -Deploy Stripe Billing fields if you're a Stripe Billing user.
  • Assign Stripe Invoice Record Type -Batch job to migrate existing Stripe Invoices to use the new Stripe Invoice Record Type.
  • Re-calculate Account Revenue -Batch job to re-calculate Historic Account Values (from Transaction) and MRR/QRR/ARR (from Subscription).
  • Roll-up transactions to Sales document - Batch job to rollup transactions to their related Sales Document.

View our Stripe Billing documentation here.

Stripe Connect

  • Deploy Stripe Connect - If you have Stripe Connect enabled, clicking this button will deploy all fields, picklist values, page layouts, and record types related to Stripe Connect.


If you have any questions regarding the configurations/settings, please contact Blackthorn Support and we'll help you out!