Blackthorn Logs
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Blackthorn Logs

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Article summary

The Blackthorn Log object captures errors and performance issues related to Blackthorn Payments so that you can trace, report, and troubleshoot issues.

Records are automatically created and related to the records that threw an error.

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Use Cases

Troubleshooting Event Registration Issues

Blackthorn Logs are instrumental in identifying why an Event Registration Submission (ERS) record might fail. This capability is crucial for ensuring Attendees receive confirmation emails and that their registration process is smooth

Preventing Data Loss

Blackthorn Logs play a vital role in preventing the loss of registration data or payments, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of the event registration process​

Batch Processing of Records

In scenarios with high concurrent registrations, Blackthorn Logs can be used to monitor and manage batch processing of ERS records, ensuring that the registration process is efficient and error-free

Blackthorn | Payments Log Record Cleanup

Blackthorn Logs older than 30 days are deleted by the Blackthorn | Payments Log Record Cleanup scheduled batch job.

All processed Webhook Events are also retained for 30 days but this can be customized by changing the Blackthorn Pay - Trigger Settings - Retain Webhook Records (for Days) custom setting field. The Blackthorn | Payments Webhook Record Cleanup scheduled job runs these deletes.
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We don't start the scheduled jobs from the install handler. You need to schedule them to run from the Scheduled Jobs tab on the Blackthorn | Payments Admin screen.
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