Blackthorn Logs
  • 05 Dec 2022
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Blackthorn Logs

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Article Summary

This object captures errors and performance issues related to Blackthorn Payments so that you can trace, report, and troubleshoot.

Records are automatically created and related to the records that threw an error.

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Navigate to the Blackthorn Logs tab.

Blackthorn | Payments Log Record Cleanup

Blackthorn Logs older than 30 days are deleted by the Blackthorn | Payments Log Record Cleanup scheduled batch job.

All processed Webhook Events are also retained for 30 days but this can be customized by changing the Blackthorn Pay - Trigger Settings - Retain Webhook Records (for Days) custom setting field. The Blackthorn | Payments Webhook Record Cleanup scheduled job runs these deletes.
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We don't start the scheduled jobs from the install handler. You need to schedule them to run from the Scheduled Jobs tab on the Blackthorn | Payments Admin screen.
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