Welcome Message & RSVP


Updated Field Name

The Salesforce field AttendeeLink Message on the Event object has been relabeled as AttendeeLink Invite Message to clarify the purpose of the field.

Welcome Message

By default when Attendee Registration Status = 'Invited', we provide a generic message that your Attendee will see when coming to your Event page. :heart:

You can change the message by editing the AttendeeLink Invite Message field on your Event record. Modifying this field will replace all default text with the text you define.


If you don't see the AttendeeLink Invite Message field on your Event page, please edit the Event page layout and add the field.


Allow your customers to quickly decide if they would like to accept the invitation. This is displayed at the top right of every AttendeeLink.

  • Selecting "Yes" will take them directly to the ticket selection page, or the pre-checkout page if a ticket type is preselected.

  • Selecting "No" will update the attendee's Registration Status to "Declined" automatically, along with a friendly message as such (default):
    "Sorry that you are not able to attend this event but we hope to see you at one of our next events! If you decide to attend our event, change your registration by registering for the event."

  • Selecting "Not {First Name}?" will take them back to the general Event overview page and decouple them from the invitation.

Invite Only


Hide "Not {First Name}" Button

Starting from Event version 2.23, you will be able to disable the "Not You" button from the RSVP message banner. A common use case for this is with invite-only events and with attendees forwarding invite emails to block other people from registering.

To disable the "Not {First Name}" button, go to the Event Settings page, and make sure the "Disable Not You" checkbox is checked.

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