Webinar Integrations
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Webinar Integrations

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You can now manage your online Events in Salesforce, using tools like Zoom, Vimeo, and GoToWebinar directly to your existing Event management processes. Your Attendees will be able to join webinars directly from their personalized AttendeeLink.

This makes online Events easy to run entirely in Salesforce. The most important piece is that you’re able to keep all of your online Event Attendee data in Salesforce, which we know from personal experience can be challenging, even with the help of webinar and live-streaming solution integrations.

Change the Webinar Time after Event Creation

If you need to change the time of a webinar after the Virtual Event is created you will need to manually update the changes in Blackthorn as Virtual Event times are only synced at Event creation.

What apps are supported?

Online Video Conferencing tools currently supported:

  • Zoom
  • GoToWebinar
  • Webex
  • Vimeo
  • Adobe Connect
  • BlueJeans
  • YouTube Live
  • If you would like to use another provider, you can simply add their link to the Meeting/Join URL field (discussed further, below) and it will bring an Attendee to that URL to separately join the meeting. This will not update the Attendee's Attendance Status, but it does connect your webinar to the Attendee's AttendeeLink.
Adobe Connect Users

If a webinar/Event is created with an Adobe Connect URL, Attendees will now be able to successfully access the webinar URL via their AttendeeLink.

NOTE: Users will need to enable pop-ups OR disable ad blockers for this update to function properly.

Initial Setup

Layout Update

The following fields are now on the out-of-the-box Event object page layout.

  • Webinar/Meeting Account
  • Webinar/Meeting ID
  • Webinar/Meeting Password
  1. Set the Event Category field to "Virtual Event".
  2. Populate the Webinar/Meeting URL with your meeting link.

D_07_initial setup

That's all there is to it! When an Attendee views their AttendeeLink, there will be a button to join the meeting!

Session Streaming

When adding a Session to your Event, Attendees can now join a video stream for the Session they've registered for!

When creating a new Session, simply define the Webinar/Meeting URL field.

Note: You aren't limited to only Zoom URLs either. Twitch, YouTube, GoToMeeting, Citrix, etc. are all supported!

D_07_session streaming 1

This field will control whether or not the "Join Video Stream" button is shown (see below) and will also be a link to the Zoom meeting.

Once an Attendee registers for an Event, they will have the option to register for Sessions. If they register for a Session with a Webinar/Meeting URL attached, they will have the option to join!

D_07_session streaming 2

Other Notes

  • When an Attendee clicks "Join Video Stream" their Attendance Status will be marked "Attended" if the stream is available. This is the case for any streaming service.
  • If using Zoom, make sure the password is embedded into your link, otherwise the Attendees will not be able to join. If there is no password for the meeting, this will not be required.
  • Ensure your webinar starts at the same time as the Event. If the webinar is set for 1 PM and the Event is set for 12 PM, Attendees won't be able to join at 12PM.
  • The Attendee will be able to click "Join Video Stream" 15 minutes before the Event has started.
  • If a host has not started the webinar, the Attendee will see "Meeting not started."
  • If the password is enabled, with no password embedded in the link, the Attendee will see "Password wrong" with no prompt to enter.

  • Expired Webinar - The video stream has ended, join button is grayed out and not clickable.
    D_07_expired webinar

  • Upcoming Webinar - The video stream will start on... {date}, with a join button.
    D_07_upcoming webinar

  • Ongoing Webinar - The Event is available as a video stream, with a join button.
    D_07_ongoing webinar