Instructions to set this up in:

  1. Lightning Experience
  2. Salesforce Classic
  3. Salesforce Mobile
  4. Lightning Utility Bar
  5. Customer Community
  6. Quick Action
  7. Custom component

Lightning Experience

  1. Navigate to any Object's single record.

  2. Select the widget icon in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. From the drop-down, click Edit Page.

  4. On the left-hand side, select the "Visualforce" component.

  5. Define the "Virtual Terminal" visualforce page.

  6. Set the Height to 660px.

  7. Click Save.

Salesforce Classic

  1. Navigate to the Blackthorn | Payments Admin App.

  2. Select the Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard tab.

  3. Click on the Transaction Relationships Step.

  4. Select object(s).

Transaction (Business Process) relationships: When a business charges a customer for a product or service in Salesforce, there is an object that represents what's being sold, typically an Opportunity, Quote, or similar. In this step, if you select Opportunity, a lookup relationship between Transaction and Opportunity will be created.

  1. Click Create.

  2. Navigate to the Object's Page Layout and add the Virtual Terminal button.

Salesforce Mobile App

  1. Navigate to Setup | In the Quick Find / Search type in and select “Tabs” | Scroll down to “Visualforce Tabs” | Click New.

  2. Add the following:

Visualforce Page: Virtual Terminal [bt_stripe_BlackthornTerminal]
Tab Label: Up to you! (then click Tab to auto-fill the Tab Name)
Tab Style: Up to you!
  1. Click Next.

  2. Add to your applicable profiles.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Navigate to Setup | In the Quick Find / Search type in and select Salesforce Navigation.

  5. From the available list, select the Virtual Terminal.

  6. Click Save.

Log into the Salesforce Mobile app -> navigate to the mobile menu -> scroll to the bottom of Apps -> you should see the Virtual Terminal.

Lightning Utility Bar


Virtual terminal (VT) cannot be added to the Lightning experience Utility Bar of the packaged (Installed) applications, like Blackthorn | Payments or Blackthorn | Payments (Admin). You can create a custom lightning app with your desired objects and add the VT by following below steps.

Create the Virtual Terminal Utility Bar item on other Apps:

  1. Navigate to: Setup | In the Quick Find / Search type in “App Manager” | select Edit next to the Lightning Application | tab over to "Utility Bar."

  2. Add a new Utility Bar item.

  3. Select the Visualforce component.

  4. Select the “Virtual Terminal” component.

  5. Update the properties.

  6. Click Save.

Customer Community

Community Builder Component
The Virtual Terminal is located in the Visualforce component in the Community Builder:

If the user is not able to see the Virtual terminal in the community or is throwing an error, please refer our troubleshooting guide here.

Quick Action

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Quick Find -> Global Actions.

  2. Create a new "Visualforce" type action.
    The page you want is bt_stripe__BlackthornTerminal called Virtual Terminal.

  3. Add this to the global publisher layout (quick find -> publisher).

  4. Add to the Opportunity Mobile/Lightning Actions.

Custom Component

If you have created a visualforce page or custom component that needs to reference the Virtual Terminal, please use the below structure:

<bt_stripe:VirtualTerminal recordId="{ORDER_OBJECT.Id}" sObjectName="Order"/>

Replacing order with your parent Object.

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