• 13 Jul 2022
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Instructions to set this up in:

Lightning Experience

  1. Navigate to any Object's single record.
  2. Select the widget icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. From the drop-down, click Edit Page.
  4. On the left-hand side, select the "Visualforce" component.
  5. Define the "Virtual Terminal" visualforce page.
  6. Set the Height to 660px.
  7. Click Save.

Salesforce Classic

J_02_VT Setup 1

  1. Navigate to the Blackthorn | Payments Admin App.
  2. Select the Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard tab.
  3. Click on the Transaction Relationships Step.
  4. Select object(s).

Transaction (Business Process) relationships: When a business charges a customer for a product or service in Salesforce, there is an object that represents what's being sold, typically an Opportunity, Quote, or similar. In this step, if you select Opportunity, a lookup relationship between Transaction and Opportunity will be created.

  1. Click Create.
  2. Navigate to the Object's Page Layout and add the Virtual Terminal button.

Salesforce Mobile App

J_02_VT Setup 2

  1. Navigate to Setup | In the Quick Find / Search type in and select “Tabs” | Scroll down to “Visualforce Tabs” | Click New.
  2. Add the following:
Visualforce Page: Virtual Terminal [bt_stripe_BlackthornTerminal]
Tab Label: Up to you! (then click Tab to auto-fill the Tab Name)
Tab Style: Up to you!
  1. Click Next.
  2. Add to your applicable profiles.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Navigate to Setup | In the Quick Find / Search type in and select Salesforce Navigation.
  5. From the available list, select the Virtual Terminal.
  6. Click Save.

Log into the Salesforce Mobile app -> navigate to the mobile menu -> scroll to the bottom of Apps -> you should see the Virtual Terminal.

Lightning Utility Bar

J_02_VT Setup 3

Virtual terminal (VT) cannot be added to the Lightning experience Utility Bar of the packaged (Installed) applications, like Blackthorn | Payments or Blackthorn | Payments (Admin). You can create a custom lightning app with your desired objects and add the VT by following below steps.

Create the Virtual Terminal Utility Bar item on other Apps:

  1. Navigate to: Setup | In the Quick Find / Search type in “App Manager” | select Edit next to the Lightning Application | tab over to "Utility Bar."
  2. Add a new Utility Bar item.
  3. Select the Visualforce component.
  4. Select the “Virtual Terminal” component.
  5. Update the properties.
  6. Click Save.

J_02_VT Setup 4

Customer Community

Community Builder ComponentThe Virtual Terminal is located in the Visualforce component in the Community Builder:

J_02_VT Setup 5

If the user is not able to see the Virtual terminal in the community or is throwing an error, please refer our troubleshooting guide here.

Quick Action

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Quick Find -> Global Actions.
  2. Create a new "Visualforce" type action.The page you want is bt_stripe__BlackthornTerminal called Virtual Terminal.
  3. Add this to the global publisher layout (quick find -> publisher).
  4. Add to the Opportunity Mobile/Lightning Actions.

Custom Component

If you have created a visualforce page or custom component that needs to reference the Virtual Terminal, please use the below structure:

<bt_stripe:VirtualTerminal recordId="{ORDER_OBJECT.Id}" sObjectName="Order"/>

Replacing order with your parent Object.

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