Migrating from a Lighting Component to a Visualforce Component

You'll notice our package has a couple options for Virtual Terminal. There's a Lightning Component and also a Visualforce component. Be sure to add the Visualforce component to your record pages and community pages.

  • Salesforce Classic: No changes need to be made. The Virtual Terminal button will still work as expected.

  • Salesforce Lightning: Update all pages where the current Virtual Terminal lightning component exists.

  1. Edit the page

  2. Remove the Virtual Terminal

  3. Add in the Visualforce component

  • Salesforce Mobile: Delete the Lightning Component tab and create a new Visualforce tab. To do so, please find the detailed instructions here.

  • Lightning Experience Utility Bar: Remove the Lightning Component from the app utility bar and insert the Visualforce component. Then define the Visualforce component below:

  • Community: Replace the custom Lightning component with the Visualforce component as shown below:

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