Visibility Control
  • 01 Sep 2023
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Visibility Control

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Article Summary

This feature only works when you are inviting Attendees to an Event, using Salesforce Communities, or Authentication via iframe.

Visibility Control allows you to control the visibility of certain Event Items based on the Attendee or Contact records.

Use Cases

  • If you have multiple types of pricing based on an Attendee's membership and you don't want members to see other membership level prices.
  • If you are inviting staff and guests to the same Event and don't want guests to see the staff Ticket and vice versa.
  • Allowing Attendees to register for specific Sessions based on their interests.

And many more!


There are multi-picklist fields called, Visibility Control on the Event, Event Item, Contact (for Communities), Attendee, and Session objects. Edit the page layout for the object you'd like to control and add the field.

Multi-picklist Values

We have provided out of the box values for these multi picklist fields, but you can update them with your own values.

How It Works

  1. When creating your Event, Event Items, or Sessions, define the Visibility Control field.
    As you will see below, I have two Event Items: one with membership pricing and another with non-membership pricing.
    How it works 1

  2. When you add your Attendees to the Event, you'll define the Visibility Control field that correlates to the Ticket they should see when you send out the invite.
    For example, I have two Attendees that I will be inviting to an Event. One is a member and the other is not a member.
    How it works 2

  3. When you send out the invites to these Attendees, they will only see their related Tickets based on the matched visibility values.
    For example, Henry Wagner, who is a non-member, will only see the non-member Ticket when he registers for the Event.
    How it works 3

Where Joe, being a member, will see only the membership Ticket.
How it works 4

Visibility and the Attendee Record Level

Additional configuration may need to occur at the Attendee record level to ensure that Visibility Controls set on other objects work correctly. 

For example, when Visibility Controls are set at the Event level, Attendees cannot see their AttendeeLink. To avoid this issue, Visibility Controls must also be set on the Attendee record. 

Since this feature is not automated, users must leverage automation or use List Views to manually set the Visibility Controls on Attendee records.