Upgrading prior to 2.89

Please follow the below instruction when upgrading to our latest Blackthorn | Payments package from 2.89 or older

1. Upgrade your package to 2.93.1 first

Production or

2. Then upgrade to 4.31

Production or

3. The upgrade to the latest version

4. Transaction Record Types

We have added three new Record Types: Charge, Adjustment, and Payout. We also deactivated Stripe and Non-Stripe Record Types.
We did this because the Stripe Record Type has many different types of Transactions like the above values.

  • When upgrading to the latest package, Stripe and Non-Stripe Record Types become inactive. If you have any "Open" Stripe Transactions, when they get captured, their Record Type will automatically update to the "Charge" Record Type.

  • Adjustment and Payout Transactions are auto-created by Stripe Webhooks. Please see our documentation for additional information regarding Adjustment and Payout Record Types.

Please UPDATE any process flows, workflows, apex triggers, etc. that are referencing the Stripe or Non-Stripe Record Type.

  • Stripe Record Type-> Charge Record Type

  • Non-Stripe Record Type-> Charge Record Type AND Non-Stripe = true (checked).

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