• 13 Jul 2022
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Upgrade instructions for PayLink customers that are not using the PayLink Salesforce app

Changes to PayLink

We have made PayLink it's own app to give you more independence. In addition to a few internal process changes, you no longer have to rely on us to configure your PayLink or reauthorize the connection.

Latest Payments Package

Before following the below instructions, please upgrade to the latest Payments.

  1. Navigate to the Blackthorn | Payments (Admin) app
  2. Select the Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard
  3. Click on the PayLink step
  4. Select the install button
Existing PayLink will break during the upgrade

If you need your existing PayLink links to work, please click the links below to reauthorize.

Process Builder, Flows, Triggers, Validations, etc

If you had any processes around the old PayLink field, please update them to reference the new PayLink field.

  1. Once the PayLink package installed, navigate to the PayLink app, and click "Blackthorn | PayLink Setup Wizard"

When you install PayLink, you will be given another 14-day trial for all users in your organization. We will follow up with you before this 14-day trial ends and ask you to assign licenses to the applicable users.

  1. Navigate to Permission Sets
  2. Assign the user to PayLink (User) and Payments (User)
After the 14-day trial

Assign the enabled PayLink licenses to your users or please contact Blackthorn Support to purchase PayLink.

  1. Navigate to the Charge Transaction Page Layout
Charge Record Type

The new PayLink field will only work on the Charge Transaction record type.

  1. Remove the old PayLink field.
    L_04_Upgrade pic 1

  2. If you are not seeing the new "PayLink" section, edit the Transaction layout and mimic the below configuration.
    L_04_Upgrade pic 2

  3. Next Step, configure your PayLink template.