FAQ and Troubleshooting
  • 13 Jul 2022
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FAQ and Troubleshooting

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Does Stripe offer a fee discount for Non-profits?

Please follow this link for more information on Stripe for Nonprofits

How long does it take to see a Donation in Salesforce from the Online Donation Form?

We have a scheduled Form Process that runs every 5 minutes, please view our Blackthorn Donations Form Submission Documentation, here.

What does Open-Ended Recurring Donations mean?

Open-Ended Recurring Donations are, "single donation amounts given over and over again, with no ending date defined". For more information on the types of recurring donations, see this article from Power of Us.

I need to switch our Donation authentication to another user.

Login and click on this link: https://donations.blackthorn.io/auth/salesforce. This will reauthorize donations under the new user. Then delete all Blackthorn Donations Form Submission jobs and reschedule through the Donations Setup Wizard.

Can I place the Blackthorn | Donation Form on our Wix Website?

Unfortunately, No. WIX does not allow Javascript to load which is what our iframe uses for the Donation Form.

Where do I find the Field Name (Standard or Custom) for mapping questions from a Donation Form?

For Standard Objects:

Setup | In the Quick Find/Search type in the Object Name | Select “Fields” under the Object | Select either the Standard or Custom Field that you want to map to

For Custom Objects:

Setup | In the Quick Find/Search type in “Object” | Select “Objects” under Create | Select Object | Select either the Standard or Custom Field that you want to map to

Standard Field Name

T_08 FAQ 1

Custom Field Name

T_08 FAQ 2


Form Submission

The Form Submission object is where records are created as a result of submitting the web form. Each record created has error logging when the forms fail to process. The Error message field can give insight into why forms can fail to process.

Donation Forms not getting beyond “Processing Transaction"

Your browser could be blocking the Donation Form extension from processing your redirect URL or "success message" if you have an enabled ad block. Either allow the page to process or disable the ad block to allow the Donation Form process to complete.

Form Submission Error: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: DUPLICATES_DETECTED, Use one of these records?:

This error is associated with the Alert Notification within your Contact Duplicate Rule.
To Correct: Navigate to your Contact Duplication Rule and uncheck "Alert" next to Operation on Create.
T_08 FAQ 3

Need a way to verify if there are any Duplicate Contacts? Create a Duplication Report.

Cloning Donation Forms

Currently the "Clone" button will clone the Donation Form but not the Form Amounts or Form Questions.
A Clone function for Amounts and Questions is coming in Q4...

Sandbox Testing

In the Sandbox there is a setting that must be changed to all for successful testing. The below screen shot has this setting to change. The Form Submission record will see this error if it has not been changed "caused by: System.EmailException: SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION, Single email is not enabled for your organization or profile.: []"
T_08 FAQ 4

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