Looking for TouchNet? You've come to the right place! We officially support TouchNet for our Events checkout only. Let's take a look at what you'll need to configure the TouchNet payment gateway, prepare a Salesforce org, and configure and enable the gateway.


A dedicated TouchNet uPay site connected to Blackthorn is required to configure Blackthorn Events to use TouchNet for payments. With a properly configured uPay site, the following information is required to configure a TouchNet payment gateway.

  • T-Link Service URL
  • uPay Site ID
  • uPay Site URL

Preparing TouchNet for Blackthorn

TouchNet uPay Site Setup

  1. In the top navigation bar, go to Applications > Marketplace.
  2. Click Touchnet Ready > uPay Sites > Payment Settings.
  3. For "Site Uses T-Link", select "Yes".
  4. Add "Blackthorn Events" for the Partner Name.


Contact TouchNet

Important: Before the integration with Blackthorn can be officially supported, you must contact TouchNet to open a partner connection project.

Preparing your Salesforce Org for TouchNet

Adding a TouchNet Payment Provider

The value "TouchNet" must be added to the existing Provider picklist field (bt_stripe__Provider__c) on the packaged Payment Gateway object (bt_stripe__Payment_Gateway__c).

Adding Custom Fields to the Payment Gateway

The following fields must be added to the packaged Payment Gateway object (bt_stripe__Payment_Gateway__c):

  • Field Name: TouchNet T-Link URL
    API Name: TouchNet_T_Link_URL__c
    Data Type: Text(255)
    Description: Service endpoint for the TouchNet T-Link web service

  • Field Name: TouchNet uPay Site ID
    API Name: TouchNet_uPay_Site_ID__c
    Data Type: Text(15)
    Description: A numeric non-negative integer value that identifies the uPay site responsible for processing the transaction

  • Field Name: TouchNet uPay Site URL
    API Name: TouchNet_uPay_Site_URL__c
    Data Type: Text(255)
    Description: Corresponding uPay Site URL for the given uPay Site ID

  • Field Name: TouchNet uPay Form Parameters
    API Name: TouchNet_uPay_Form_Parameters__c
    Data Type: Long Text(32768)
    Description: Key/value pairs to submit to uPay as additional form parameters. Each key/value must be separated by a new line with each line formatted as "MY_PARAMETER_KEY=Some value"

Assign Field Level Security permissions for the new fields to the Salesforce User account used by the Blackthorn external service.

Enabling TouchNet Payment Gateway Support

  1. Create a new Payment Gateway and set its Provider to "TouchNet".

  2. Take the T-Link Service URL and uPay Site Details and fill out the corresponding fields in the Payment Gateway.

  3. Assign the Payment Gateway to an Event.

  4. Add license metadata for CUSTOM_SCHEMA with the value of "touchnet".

  5. Re-provision the org's schema by visiting an Event and performing a "Hard Refresh".

Creating the Form Parameter in TouchNet

If you need to create the new parameter, go to Marketplace Home > TouchNet Ready > Upay Sites > Blackthorn > Form Parameters.

  1. Open your UPay site.

  2. Click Form Parameters in the left-hand column.

  1. Add in the EVENT_ID parameter to track the individual Event.

NOTE: TRANSACTION_ID is also supported.

  1. To view the posted IDs navigate to TouchNet > Marketplace > Marketplace Reports > Posted Parameters.

Once an Attendee pays for the Event, the EVENT_ID value is then passed through to TouchNet.

Other Helpful Information:

What is supported?

  • Events checkout only
  • Support the ability to pass the "department" to the T-Link endpoint (a unique thing to t-link, like metadata)

What is not supported?

  • Webhooks
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Salesforce refunds or charges
  • PayLink / DocumentLink

How to Test

For testing purposes, create a TouchNet Payment Gateway and use the following values:



TouchNet uPay Site ID


TouchNet uPay Site URL


TouchNet uPay Form Parameters


Use the TouchNet Payment Gateway with any Event and perform a normal (paid) checkout. You should be able to successfully complete a checkout as well as perform failing checkouts that should be handled appropriately.

Use the following test card numbers:




Expiration Date




Any future date

American Express



Any future date




Any future date




Any future date

Updating Payment Details

To update any Payments settings (required fields, supported cards, ...), go to Applications > MarketPlace Home > TouchNet Ready > uPay Sites > Blackthorn > Payment Settings.

Now you can see all available options on the Blackthorn: Payment Settings form.

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