Subscription Schedules
  • 01 Dec 2023
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Subscription Schedules

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Article Summary

A Subscription Schedule allows you to create and manage the lifecycle of a Subscription by pre-defining expected changes. These changes can include updates to the Subscription’s prices that are scheduled to automatically occur in the future.

Upgrade Your Org to Use Subscription Schedules

After upgrading to the latest Payments package that includes Subscription Schedules, the Subscription object will have two new Record Type options: "Subscription" and "Subscription Schedule Phase". To use these record types properly, follow the steps below.

  1. Update the existing Subscriptions to the new "Subscription" record type.
    1. Navigate to Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab.
    2. Click the Stripe Billing tab.
    3. Click the Assign Subscription Record Type button.
  2. Add the Subscription Schedule Phase layout to the "Subscription Schedule Phase" Record Type and assign the two Subscription record types to profiles.
    1. Navigate to the Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab.
    2. Click the Stripe Billing tab.
    3. Click the Deploy Stripe Billing button.
New Orgs

Customers installing Blackthorn Payments for the first time will notice the new object for Subscription Schedule and 2 new record types for Subscription once installation is complete.

Create a Subscription Schedule

Not Seeing Subscription Schedules?

Make sure you have upgraded to Payments v5.1 or higher.

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Schedule object and click New to create a new record.
    Note: The fields on the Subscription object are here as well.
  2. Add a value in the Customer field.
    Note: This is the only required field.
  3. Click Save.
Cancel the Subscription Schedule

Complete the following steps to cancel the Subscription Schedule.

  1. Go to the Subscription Schedule record.
  2. Open the navigation bar.
  3. Click Cancel/Release Schedule.

Create the Subscription Schedule Phase

A Subscription Schedule Phase is one of the record types related to the Subscription object. Previously, the Subscription object only had one record type. Now it will have two: Subscription and Subscription Schedule Phase.

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Schedule Phase Related List on Subscription Schedule and click New.
  2. Set Record Type = "Subscription Schedule Phase".
  3. Add Price if there is only one price for this Subscription. If there are multiple Stripe Prices, you should use Subscription Items.
  4. Select a Billing Method.
  5. Populate Iterations with the number associated with this phase. Is this the first iteration or the second, third, and so on.
  6. Select a date for the Date Ended field. This will signify the end of this Subscription Schedule Phase.
  7. You can add additional detail using the other fields on this record, but they are not required.
  8. Click Save.

Add Subscription Items

You only need to do this if you have more than one Stripe Price.

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Item Related List on the Subscription Schedule Phase you just created.
  2. Click ‘New.
  3. Add values to the QuantityPrice, and Product fields.
  4. Click Save.

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