Setup & General Configuration

These instructions are optimized for Salesforce Classic View.

Blackthorn | Payments package installation

Salesforce Trial Organization

Blackthorn | Payments will not work with a Salesforce Trial Organization. You'll know if you're on a Trial if in the top right of the screen it says 'xx Days Remaining'. If you would like to test our application, please install into a Developer Org.

  • Note, all setup instructions use Salesforce Classic's UI (Aloha), not Lightning, although the app works perfectly in Lightning!

Setup Wizard

  • Change the top right 'blue bubble' app selector to blackthorn | payments Admin and click on the blackthorn | payments Setup Wizard tab.
  • Follow the instructions!

Note: We recommend initially connecting your Payment Gateway in Test Mode so that you can use test cards to process successful test Transactions. You can create a second Payment Gateway record in the future as a live gateway when you're ready to go live.

If you installed Blackthorn | Payments into a developer org and are having issues with testing, please reference our Troubleshooting with Sandbox Testing

Page Layouts (Optional)

  • The Payment Method, Stripe Customer, and Transaction objects are related to both Accounts and Contacts. Optionally add these related lists to the Account and/or Contact objects.
  • Click on Setup | Customize | Accounts (or Contacts) | Page Layouts
  • Click Edit next to the applicable Page Layout.
  • In the Related Lists section at the top right, drag and drop the Payment Method, Stripe Customer, and Transaction related lists onto the Page Layout.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat the same steps for your Transaction Parent (such as adding the Transaction related list to Opportunities).
  • Note, you'll need to manually add the Transaction Parent field, such as Opportunity, to your Transaction Page Layout.

Setting up Webhooks (Optional)

Follow this link if you would like to:

  1. Automatically update expired cards from Stripe to Salesforce
  2. Use Stripe's API directly so that Customers, Payment Methods, and Transactions are auto-created in Salesforce. This is not necessary when using blackthorn | payments's Apex or REST-based APIs, it's only necessary when using Stripe's direct API.
  3. Payments by ACH