September 2021 - Version 3.34
  • 13 Jul 2022
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September 2021 - Version 3.34

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If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

Breaking Changes

Important Announcement

Keep an eye out for the October 2021 Events Package release! You’ll see some exciting new changes to the Events’ checkout process. In the meantime, the following are several changes that are occurring now.

NOTE: Sessions enhancements are built on top of the "Tickets" tab in the Event Wizard.

  • When the Event Manager has a ticket with associated Sessions and is on the edit ticket screen, they will be able to sort the added sessions by the start date.
  • When editing tickets in the Event Wizard, the Event Manager can now modify session fields and details within the Sessions’ block of the ticket view.
  • When an Event Manager is viewing the Offers section of the Event Wizard, they can now see the number of sessions in each ticket, without needing to first edit the ticket.
  • A new fieldset has been added that will allow Event Admins to edit custom fields if they need to display different fields. The custom fields are displayed in the session block of tickets.
  • On the edit ticket screen in the Events’ Wizard, the Event Manager can add previously created sessions to tickets.
  • To avoid having to add each session individually on the edit ticket screen, the Event Manager will be able to bulk Add All previously created sessions to a ticket.
  • In order to share the cost of a session with registrants, the Event Manager can add a price to a session or mark the session as free.


Front End Enhancements

  • Added support for Rich Text for FAQs
  • TRANSACTION_ID is now available to use in TouchNet reports.
  • The Supported Languages, Target Language, and the Source Language picklists have been updated to include the following options: “Czech,” “Hungarian,” “Dutch,” and “Turkish.”
  • After clicking the AttendeeLink’s Yes button during the checkout process in the Full-Width UI, the user will automatically be redirected to the event item cart.

Back End Enhancements

  • Added a Send Emails From dropdown field in the Email Configuration component that lists verified Organization-wide email addresses.
  • All fields under the “Tab Visibility and Label” section in an Event Setting record now have the option to select “Post Registration,” “Always,” or “Hide” in the dropdown.
    Note: Please use the Update Picklists button on the Events | Admin page to update appropriately, or manually add the values to each picklist field on the Event Settings object.
  • The Supported Languages, Target Language, and the Source Language picklists have been updated to include the following options: “Czech,” “Hungarian,” “Dutch,” and “Turkish.”
    Note: Please use the Update Picklists button on the Events | Admin page to update appropriately, or manually add the values to each picklist field on the Event Settings object.
  • The Full-Width UI now offers the background color functionality of the other UI options. When a user chooses a Primary Color, each section will be the chosen primary color with either a light or dark shade, depending on the selection of the card color theme.

Bug fixes

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When there are no Start Time or End Time defined on a Session, the front end will now respect that value instead of populating 12:00 AM or 11:59 PM.
  • Fixed: Accessibility errors with pages on the front end.
  • Fixed: When attempting a checkout as an attendee without filling out the Phone field, the contact information page was asking for the phone number once again. We've updated this screen so the user will not be asked for the phone number again.
  • Fixed: The Language Selector on the Event Settings record was not behaving as expected for the Aspen UI. Users will now notice that when the Language Selector is set to "Off" the Event Group will not provide an option to select a language. Otherwise, users will see the picklist on the Event Group.
  • Fixed: The State and Postal Code fields were not appearing as Required fields when using the Simple UI.
  • Fixed: When setting Date Format on the Event Setting record the related event was not displaying the correct format. We've updated our front end code to respect the format selected by the user in Salesforce.
  • Fixed: Removed the gap that appeared between Event details and Post Event Questions on AttendeeLink.
  • Fixed: The message that appears when redirecting the user to TouchNet now contains the correct punctuation.
  • Fixed: The WiFi information is no longer visible when an Attendee views their AttendeeLink, and the WiFi field on the Event Settings object is set to "Hide".
  • Fixed: Users with a Standard User profile who have been given added permissions will no longer receive a 4XX error after after clicking the AttendeeLink for a new Attendee in Salesforce.
  • Fixed: In Aspen UI, the dates on an event group page will now reappear after opening an event and then going back to the event group page.
  • Fixed: Users can now search within an event group for upcoming events by using the zip code stored in the Venue's information.
  • Fixed: When setting up an Anonymous Event Item after completing the Anonymous Checkout steps, users will now be able to register as an “Anonymous Checkout” without receiving an error.
  • Fixed: When using the Full-Width UI, after clicking Register for an event that only offers a free ticket type, the ticket automatically displays an empty form for the user to complete. If the event offers a paid ticket type, it will reroute to the Tabbed UI checkout.
  • Fixed: The following icons were resized to 44 x 44 pixels in order to be compliant with accessibility requirements:
    • Search icon on the Events page
    • Date filter icon on the Events page
    • Back icon on the Event Details page
    • Search icon on the Event Details page
  • Fixed: The correct Event Form Elements’ elements will be displayed after switching between events, instead of incorrect questions being displayed. This applies to the Simple UI, Full-Width UI, and Tabbed UI.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When cloning an Event through the Event Wizard, the Registered attendee count on the Event Item will now reset to zero.
  • Fixed: When cloning an Event through the Event Wizard, the Form field on the Event Item will now clone.
  • Fixed: When an Event is canceled, the Status Formula field will now populate with Canceled instead of Event Active. Read more about Status Formulas here.
  • Fixed: Bullet point lists will now appear when using the Preview option when creating an Email Template.
  • Fixed: When adding an a Speaker or Attendee through the Event Wizard, any first or last names defined with a NULL value will now appear as a blank value instead of displaying NULL.
  • Fixed: Added a validation for the Simple UI to flag an error when a paid ticket is created.
  • Fixed: When using Reports with Form Submission Answers, the Question field can now be reported on.
  • Fixed: Removed a duplicate report name when reporting on Form Submission Answers.
  • Fixed: When using smaller screens to view the Event Wizard New Event Settings modal from a desktop, some of the fields were not being displayed. We've updated the modal so smaller screens can see all fields regardless of screen resolution.
  • Fixed: Users were seeing an error message when viewing the Attendees tab on an Event record and hovering over a record name. We've made an update to the code so users will have the proper access to hover over Attendee records in this view and see the details.
  • Fixed: The Quantity Remaining field on an Event Item automatically captures any updates for the number of available tickets after an attendee registers for an event and then cancels their registration.
  • Fixed: Updated the Event Page to include a Waitlist button until the Remaining Waitlist Capacity is reached. The updated Event Page will show ‘Sold Out’ once the proper conditions are met. NOTE: The ‘Sold Out’ ribbon will not display on Full Width UI events, but will be reviewed for future updates.
  • Fixed: The Keyword Category Filters on the Event Group page will correctly translate to a requested language.
  • Fixed: The Display End Time and Display Start Time checkboxes on the Event Settings object have been removed. NOTE: Please discontinue use.
  • Fixed: When using a custom profile and Events permission set for the Events Mobile Check-In App, Apex Job Errors generated from Blackthorn Events Apex Jobs will also be captured in the Blackthorn Logs.
  • Fixed: The Attendee Fields list in the Badge Configuration Details will show all available values after clicking the “Select an Option” dropdown.
Total Capacity Setting

To prevent Events with multiple event items from incorrectly showing that they are sold out when one event item reaches capacity, but the other event item has unlimited tickets available, one of the following settings must be chosen.

  • The Total Capacity must be set on the Event Level.
  • The Quantity Available must be set on the Event Item Level.

NOTE: The Total Capacity cannot be set on both the Event Item Level and the Event Level.

Field/Layout Updates

  • Added a new Enable Captcha field on the Event Settings object.
  • The following fields are not mapped to our Events platform. To clean up the Events Salesforce package they will be deprecated:
    • The Processed picklist value has been removed from the Event Registration Submissions object.
    • The Display End Time and Display Start Time checkboxes on the Event Settings object have been removed.

Blackthorn Events Mobile Check-In

  • Added the ability to log-in via Salesforce Sandbox organization.

Admin Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade Events to the newest version, go to the Blackthorn Candy Shop.

Blackthorn has adopted Salesforce’s managed package installer to simplify the installation process.

Since Payments is already installed, the installer will install Base Package and make sure the correct version of Payments is installed before installing Events.

For step-by-step instructions, click here.


From now until 09/21/21, the directions below will teach you how to test the new front-end features, enhancements, and bug fixes until they are automatically pushed.

To Do
You will need to replace the Event Page and AttendeeLink URLs '' domain to a test domain.


For example, when you create your attendee, an AttendeeLink URL is generated with the "" domain like this one:

You'll then click on the attendee URL so it opens up in a new page. Remove "" and replace it with "" so it looks like this:

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to Blackthorn Support.