September 2020 - Version 2.85

Hello everyone!

We hope you are all doing well and safe! This release started as the August 2020 release, but we quickly realized how many new items we were adding and had to give ourselves some additional time to test and document. To our knowledge, this is the largest release to date. We have a very dedicated team here at Blackthorn that wants to provide awesome products to you all backed by awesome support.

Please note everything in red. There are a few process changes in this upgrade. Please upgrade in a sandbox and thoroughly test before upgrading to production. The process changes are around record matching and custom questions. If you need to upgrade your production environment before the webinar and want assistance with these two items, please reach out through We would be happy to hop on a quick call to run through it in your sandbox.

Thank you!

Upgrade instructions

  1. Before you upgrade - There are two components that have been deprecated from the latest package to be replaced by the Blackthorn Events component. Please remove these components from any lightning pages and community pages. Once they are removed and after the upgrade has completed, add in the Blackthorn Events component.

  2. Forms 2.0
    Thanks to you all, we fixed a good amount of bugginess from the July 2020 release. Because of that, once you upgrade to the latest version...

  • Existing live events with the old form questions will continue to work as expected.

  • If you need to make updates to existing form questions or add new form questions, you'll need to fully move over to custom questions 2.0.

If you are mapping answers to any objects, it will take up to 5 minutes for the answer to show up. Please note if you have any processes related to answers from custom questions, please make sure this delay will not interfere with it.

Step 1: Edit the Form Page
Step 2: Click Save and Active the page.

These steps remove the old form component and replaces it with the form element related list.

Step 3: Click "Edit" for every Form Element that is mapped to the Attendee object and set the Map To (Object) to "Attendee".
You'll notice clicking the edit button, doesn't bring you to the form element record, but the form element editor page.


Update the Map To (Object) for Attendees

This needs to be updated on every form element record that is mapped to Attendee or the answer will not get set on the Attendee record.

Step 4: Edit the Form page layout, and add the Question field to the Form Element related list.

Step 5: Any questions where you included a URL link. Please move the URL link into the Supplemental Question Information field. This will be the new home to all rich text type values. Click here for more information.

Step 6: Confirm there is only 1 form submission job scheduled. If there are two, delete the "form submission1" job. If you don't see either, please navigate to the event admin tab and click, "Schedule Recommended Jobs."

Step 7: Check the Enable Forms V2 field on all Event Settings so all the new functionality shows up on the front end.

Step 8: Update the Attendee object page layout to include the Form Submission Answer object as a related list.

  1. Review and upgrade your Payments App (even if you have free events) here.


To install the latest version of Events, you must install the lastest version of Payments (4.170).

  1. Then upgrade your Events App here.



After upgrading, please define the Match Records field in the Relationship Settings. Click here for more information.

Testing Event User Interface Enhancements

From now until 9/9/2020, the below directions will teach you how to test the new features and enhancements until they are automatically pushed. The features and enhancements that are part of this will have a BETA label next to them in the below documentation.

To Do
You will need to replace the Event Page and AttendeeLink URLs '' domain to a test domain.


For example, when you create your attendee, an AttendeeLink URL is generated with the "" domain like this one:

You'll then click on the attendee URL so it opens up in a new page. Remove "" and replace it with "" so it looks like this:

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.


  • Zoom and Webex Webinar Accounts
    Added support for Zoom and Webex meetings and webinars through our Webinar Accounts object! Natively create meetings for events straight from Salesforce! Read our documentation to learn more!

  • Redwood UI
    We have added a third user interface codenamed Redwood! To read more about it, check out our User Interfaces documentation. If you have any feedback on this UI and how we can improve, please reach out to Blackthorn Support!

  • Post-Event Surveys
    We have added the ability to reach out to customers via surveys after the event has ended. Read more in our custom questions documentation!

  • Event Group Calendar View
    Big changes! Search bar, filtering by category (including pre-filtering), Data Dictionary / Translations support, and color themes! Read more about this here!

  • Custom CSS Injection
    Injecting CSS into an event is now supported! Navigate to Event Settings to add in your CSS URL and watch the magic happen. More can be read on how to add CSS to your Event pages here.


  • Forms 2.0

    • Our new form builder has been overhauled once again. There is now Question and Supplemental Question Information fields. This also includes page layout updates to make questions and answers easier to view. Page layouts can be updated through the Blackthorn Events Admin tab. Click here to find out more!

    • When building a new form, using the Form Preview button, we have added the ability to drag and drop questions to be reordered. Rearranging the form elements will define the sort order that attendees see. If you don't see this button on the Form layout, please add this to the page layout first.

    • Rich Text is now supported for Form Elements. Add colors, spacing, images and more for your Custom Questions!

    • We now support dynamic questions as a part of Checkbox question types. To read more, check out custom questions!

    • Dividers and UTM parameters are now supported in custom questions. Check out our documentation to learn more.

    • Dynamic questions are now supported on the Ash (Simple) UI.

  • Events Settings, Events, an Event Items

    • When Source Language is set on Event Settings, event URLs will now be redirected to that language, regardless of what the attendees browser language is set to. This is only for events that do not have a language defined in their URL. An Attendee can override this by translating the page into the language they prefer.

    • On Event Settings, there is a field labeled Supported Languages. When languages are defined here, only those languages will appear in the language selector on the event.

    • UI Experience has been added to Event Groups. Now, by using the picklist you can determine what UI you want an Attendee to see.

    • We’ve added the UI Experience field to Deep Clone field set for Events. Here you can read more about our user interfaces. Note: You will need to add this to the Deep Clone field set. More can be read about that here.

    • When using Zoom and GoToWebinar natively, we now support joining the meeting via AttendeeLink!

    • Prior to this update, when adding a location to your event and clicking on the map, it would show the GPS coordinates. This has been improved to show the actual venue name.

      • Before you'd see: 41°24'12.2"N 2°10'26.5"E
      • Now you'd see:
    • We've enhanced our "No Show" attendee logic. When an attendee doesn't show up for an event, they will be included in the "No Show" count. It will exclude attendees who cancel their registration now as well.

    • Added logic to the Campaign and Event Sync to only allow one job to run at a time. If there is more than one job running, you will receive the following message: "Please wait while the previous job completes its execution."

    • Added a validation for Event Item Sales Start Date/Time and Event Item Sales End Date/Time to trigger an error if if set before the Event Start Date/Time and Event End Date/Time respectively.

    • We now support Google Drive, Dropbox, and Cloudforce to add images to your events. Head over to our images documentation to learn more!

  • User Experience in Salesforce Communities

    • Added a "My Events" button for communities. When enabled, a community user can see all events they are registered for. Read more about communities here.

    • Communities now have the ability to redirect to a single event. This can be done by adding the event key into the Blackthorn Events community component. Read here to find out more about how this works!

  • Lightning Component Improvements!

    • The Blackthorn Attendee Events component now has the ability to easily see if the Attendee has paid for the event or not. We have added a Not Paid checkbox to the Attendee object. Any time the Sales Document is marked as Unpaid this checkbox will be checked.

    • When adding an Attendee to an event via the Blackthorn Attendee Events component, it will now update Capacity fields properly. When an event is at capacity, it will flag an error notifying the user they can't register any more attendees.

    • The Blackthorn Attendee Events component now has the ability to add multiple Attendees on a single ticket. Checkout our documentation to learn more!

  • Other Enhancements

    • The Relationship Settings object can now match to multiple email fields for a contact, lead, or account. For more information on Relationship Settings click here.

    • Added a banner for outdated browsers that do not use CSS Variables (any version of Internet Explorer, and any version prior to v79 of Edge.) Attendees will see: "You're currently using an unsupported browser. For the best experience, please update to a modern browser" at the top of the Event overview or group page.

    • Accessibility settings has been updated to include WCAG 3.3.3 and VPAT 1.4.3. See our documentation for more information.

    • Added Register Attendees for Webinars batch job in the Blackthorn Events Administrator Tab. This allows manually starting the batch job to sync attendees for webinars. Note: this is primarily for troubleshooting purposes. Attendees will be updated to the webinar automatically by default.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error with Custom Questions that would fail an ERS record. This occurred when using the new Date question type.

  • Previously, creating recurring events when using Advanced Scheduler was creating duplicate events.

  • Addressed an error when authorizing a webinar account. Adding new webinar accounts is available now!

  • Fixed a bug where the “Subtotal” amount was displaying as “Free” for a paid event. This was not affecting the amount an attendee paid, visual error only.

  • The Attendee Registration Lightning Component was previously flagging a query string error. This was only a visual bug, and has been resolved. Any attendees that were registered through the component were properly added to the event.

  • Relationship Settings object Always Create a New Record setting was creating duplicate contacts, leads, and accounts prior to this update. This was happening due to the attendee and Sales Document each creating a contact. This has been adjusted to only create a new contact based on the attendee.

  • Fixed a text spacing issue when an attendee registered for a session that had a webinar tied to it, previously the text was overlapping.

  • Ash UI will now update Quantity Remaining field appropriately. Previously, values weren't updating properly, and the event was able to be oversold.

  • Addressed spacing issues with Event Group logos to allow for a better look.

  • Outlook calendars were previously flagging a runtime error if an event description was too long. This has been modified to shorten the description, by linking the description to the Event URL.

  • Fixed a bug where the AttendeeLink field on the Campaign Member object was not populating when Campaign Sync is enabled and a new Campaign Member was added.

  • Previously WiFi related fields were not cloning when creating a recurring event, this has been addressed and the following fields will clone properly now.

    • WiFi Message
    • WiFi Network
    • WiFi Password
  • Improved dynamic resizing for images. This fixes any cropping or resizing issues for all UIs, including Event Groups and Iframes.

  • Fixed a bug when creating Recurring Events that would flag this error: "Too many queueable jobs added to the queue: 2."

  • Custom Questions were previously not mapping to objects and fields, this has been fixed.

  • Fixed an error when using the Form Element Type =Date causing registrations to fail.

  • Adjusted the Sort By category on Event Groups. Previously it would disappear after selecting a category and there was only one category to select from. Sort By is now visible any time there is more than 0 groups.

  • When setting values on Supported Languages on the Event Settings record, it will now reflect changes on the front end. Any value defined in Supported Languages will be the only values to choose from within the language selector. Read more here.

  • Addressed a navigation bug for iframed events.

  • Improved FAQ styling on the Oak UI to avoid having the "Question" icon appear multiple times.

  • Improved searching when using Big List Groups, results will now be further narrowed down based on the keyword being entered.

  • Added more supported terms to our Data Dictionary!

  • Addressed a bug when adding Custom Questions to the Ash UI was preventing attendees from registering for the event.

  • Fixed an issue where active Events using the Ash UI with no Event Items added would display as Sold Out

  • Fixed the Preview button that was previously leading to an error page. You can now preview your events before making them live!

  • Addressed a caching issue for the Attendees tab on the Event Overview page. Previously, the Attendees tab was not frequently refreshed. Now, the cache will be cleared and the tab will be updated when the Event is updated.

  • When using custom Zoom URLs in the Service Streaming URL field, such as, attendance status will update properly.

New Fields/Layouts

  • Updated the Event Settings layout to include our new Relationship Settings field, and remove old fields that it replaces.

  • Form Builder

    • Renamed New FE Beta to New Form Element
    • The New and Edit buttons will now route to our new form builder
    • Question field on the Form Element was updated to display Rich Text, allowing the ability to see questions built in the new form element builder.
  • Updated the UI Experience picklist on the Event record to represent our nomenclature based on trees. 🤓

    • Redwood (Smart)
    • Oak (Tabbed)
    • Ash (Simple)

Note: When using the Update Picklists button in the Blackthorn Events Admin tab, you will need to redefine this field on any future events.

  • Added Embed Event List View formula field on Event Group.

  • Added Embed Event Calendar View formula field on Event Group.

  • Added Embed Event Details formula field on the Event.

  • Added Capacity Threshold Limit number field on Event and Event Item.

  • Added Capacity Threshold Enabled picklist field on Event and Event Item.

  • Added Question Rich Text field to Form Element to display Form v2 questions.

  • Added Default Value for picklists on the new Form Element UI.

  • Added Short Description on Event. This will show where short descriptions of the event are used, such as on the Event Group list.

  • Added two new Form Element types: Parameter and Hidden.

  • Added Event Item Session Auto-Number field to the Event Item object.

  • Added Attendee Greeting Name on the Attendee object

  • Added Greeting Name Formality on the Event Settings object.

  • Changed Question Rich Text field on Form Element to be Supplemental Question Information.

  • Added Not Paid checkbox field on Attendee.

  • Added UI Experience to the Event page layout.

  • Added the Clone button to the Event page layout.

  • Added Data Dictionary to Event Settings page layout.

  • Added Data Dictionary to Event Group page layout.

  • Added UI Experience to Event Group page layout.

  • Added a new object labeled Keyword.

  • Added Category picklist field to Keyword object.

  • Added Event Keyword object with lookup to Event and Keyword

  • Added Manage Keywords button on Event object.

  • Added Match Records field to Relationship Settings.

  • Added Set All Email Fields field on Relationship Settings.

  • Added Custom CSS URL field on Event Settings.

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