Scheduled Jobs

You can see our scheduled jobs in Setup - Jobs - Scheduled Jobs. All of our job names start with Blackthorn | Events.

Here is a list of batch jobs you can schedule when you click the Schedule Recommended Event Jobs button on the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab. The names in bold below will be shown in Salesforce Setup - Jobs - Scheduled Jobs if they're scheduled.

  • Blackthorn | Events Process No-Show Attendees - runs nightly @ 11:00pm - Updates attendee's Attendance Status to "No-Show" if the Event Date has past and the if the Attendance Status is not "Attended". This feature can be enable / disable using Event Settings' Auto-update Attendance to No Show field.

  • Blackthorn | Events Attendee Parent Rollup - runs nightly @ 2:00am - Updates Events Attended roll-up field on the Attendees' parent objects (i.e. Lead, Contact, etc.) based on the count of Attendees with Attendance Status = "Attended" .

  • Blackthorn | Events Form Submission Processing - runs every hour on the hour - Processes the Form Submission Answers and link them with the Attendee, Contact, Account or Lead object as per the defined mappings in the Form Elements.

  • Blackthorn | Events Geocode Service - runs nightly @ 10:00pm - Updates Venue Address Geocode field on Event object based on the venue address details provided.

  • Blackthorn | Events Recurring Event Generate - runs nightly @ 3:00 AM - Updates and creates Recurring Events with Recurrence Method = Keep One Open or Auto Renew

  • Blackthorn | Events Status Update - runs nightly @ 1:00 AM - If there are more than 1,500 active events, this job will update any event with where End Date in the past. Updates the Publish = False and Status = Completed.

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