Refunding Donations

Use Cases:

  1. Charged a Donor the incorrect Donation Amount
  2. Donor needs a Full Refund, can no longer donate
  3. Partially refunding a donation

How to Refund a Donation

Our current logic is set up where If you create a One-Time Donation or a Recurring Donation, all Transactions and Payment Records are related to that specific Donation (Opportunity).

To Refund a Donation:

  1. Navigate to: Specific Donation (Opportunity) | Scroll down to "Related Lists"
  2. Select the Transaction Record you wish to Refund
  3. Select Refund or Partial Refund button
  1. If Partial Refund: Enter in Amount, Select Refund
  2. If Full Refund: Select Refund

Now your Opportunity shows the Refunded Transaction and Payment Record

How to Update Donation (Opportunity) Stage and Amount

Full Refund: When refunding a Donation for the full amount, many organizations would like to close the Donation (Opportunity) Lost, so the Donation amount does not show up on the Contact or Household Donation Totals.
Partial Refund:When partially refunding a Donation, many organizations would like to keep the Donation Stage the same, but update the Amount, so the Contact or Household Donation Total Reflects the new Donation Amount.


Use Cases are different per Organization, the below instructions are to provide a solution, but can be tailored to your specific process with more customization.

We have created a Process Builder with existing criteria logic to:
Update the Donation Stage to Closed-Lost if fully refunded
Update the Donation Amount to equal the Payment Amount Received if partially refunded.

Creating Process Builder:

  1. Create New Process Builder
  2. Choose Opportunity Object to start the Process
  1. Define your First Criteria (Copy the Values from below Image)
AND(PRIORVALUE( [Opportunity].npe01__Payments_Made__c  )<> 0, [Opportunity].npe01__Payments_Made__c  = 0)
  1. Next to True, Select Add Action
  2. Action Type: Update Records


This example shows changing the Stage Name to Closed-Lost, update this value if you would like it changed to a different Stage Name.

  1. Select Add New Criteria for Partially Refunded Donations
  2. Define Second Criteria (Copy the values from the below Image)
AND(PRIORVALUE( [Opportunity].npe01__Payments_Made__c  )= [Opportunity].Amount, [Opportunity].npe01__Payments_Made__c   <= [Opportunity].Amount ,  [Opportunity].npe01__Payments_Made__c    <> 0)
  1. Next to True, Select Add Action
  2. Action Type: Update Records


Value: [Opportunity].npe01__Payments_Made__c Field

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