Quick Start


Install the payments application

Error installing? See our troubleshooting doc here.


Our applications does not work with trial organizations.

1. Complete the Blackthorn Payments Setup Wizard


Salesforce My Domain

In order to go through the Payments Setup Wizard users will need to have My Domain enabled in their org. Read more about My Domain here.

Navigate to the Setup Wizard to start the setup process.

Lightning: Navigate to the app launcher, select "Payments (Admin)" app, and click the "Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard" tab.

Classic: Navigate to the application drop-down button (blue button in the upper right-hand corner), select "Payments (Admin)" app, click on the "Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard" tab.

Connect to your payment gateway account in test mode (which creates a connected Payment Gateway record).


Haven't set up a payment gateway account yet? No problem!

When you select the test mode option, a window pops up to create or login to a payment gateway account. In Stripe, right above the form, there is a link where you can bypass creating a real account for testing purposes. Authorize.net requires you to create a developer account before hand.

This is a highly suggested, but optional step especially if you are wanting to use:

  • ACH Payment Methods
  • Disputes
  • Payouts
  • Credit Card Updater

3. Allowlist your domain for the virtual terminal

Go to Setup > Session setting. Under the section Whitelisted Domains for Visualforce Inline Frames - Click Add Domain.

Enter https://<domain-instance-name>.lightning.force.com.


Domain Instance Name

For example, if your domain-instance-name is "blackthornio", the new domain will be https://blackthornio.lightning.force.com. Click Save.

4. Test data

  • To test creating payment methods and capturing test transactions, see our testing documentation for the test card and ACH information.

5. Deploying to production

  • Once you have completed testing, create a new Payment Gateway record in live mode. You cannot update the existing test Payment Gateway to live. This will result in an error.

  • If you have refreshed a partial or full sandbox from Production, please create a template that does not include the Payment Gateway object. Otherwise scheduled transactions in production will get recaptured in the sandbox.


Defined the wrong object during the Relationship step?

Navigate to custom settings from Setup. Click "Manage" next to the transaction parent custom setting, click "remove" next to the object. Then navigate to the transaction object and delete the lookup field to that object.

6. Set Auto-charge transaction batch job size to 1

Navigate to Setup >Custom settings > Blackthorn | Payments Triggers > Manage->Edit > Set the Auto-Charge Batch Size = 1 and Save.

  • Optional Settings
    We highly suggest turning on the field history tracking for select Transaction and Payment Method fields. This helps with troubleshooting.

Object Name

Field Name


Transaction Status
Payment Status

Payment Method

Card Number
Payment Method Status

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