Permission Sets

Blackthorn | Payments (Stripe Billing)

  • This permission set has all the permissions to the objects and fields included in the Stripe Billing functionality. This should be used by customers who want to give access to users who use the Stripe Billing feature.


Product Permission Limitations

Product is a standard object so it is not included in the Stripe Billing permission set. If you would like users to create and edit product records be sure to add permissions to a custom permission set. Additionally, you can have System Administrators perform actions with products.

Custom Permission Sets

Note: If you have custom permission sets you would like to use rather than using our Blackthorn permission sets you can view and add individual items by following the steps below:

  1. Install the latest Blackthorn | Payments Salesforce AppExchange package in a sandbox.
  2. Log in to the sandbox org as a System Admin.
  3. Navigate to Setup -> Users -> Permission Sets.
  4. Open up the "Blackthorn | Payments (Stripe Billing)" permission set.
  5. Review all permissions and compare to your custom permission sets you have created. Ensure that all permissions granted by our out-of-the-box standard permission sets are recreated in your permission set.

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