June 2020 - Version 4.161

The June 2020 release is here! :dancers:


June 2020 Payments Webinar

Our June 2020 Payments webinar was hosted on June 17th at 11:00 AM CST, if you missed it, please check out our recording. Click here!

Once the below updates are reviewed, please upgrade your payments app from the AppExchange.


Upgrade in a Sandbox

Please upgrade in a sandbox before upgrading in production to verify your processes are working as expected.

Upgrade Instructions


Update and activate your Salesforce duplicate rules!

In prior versions, we automatically matched Contacts with Payment Methods based on the same email. This is no longer hardcoded, and we use a new object related to your payment gateway called, "relationship settings" which uses duplicate rules for matching. Please click here for more information before upgrading.

  1. Review the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes below.

  2. Install the latest version from here.

  3. We added a few new fields to this package. If you are using custom permission sets/profiles, please see the new fields section below to update your profiles and or permission sets.

  4. Optional: We have added a new batch job for daily refunds. To schedule: Navigate to the Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab, under the Scheduled Jobs section, click the "Schedule Recommended Payment Jobs" button. You can see the scheduled jobs in Setup - Jobs - Scheduled Jobs.

New Fields/Layouts

These fields are not on their respective page layouts after the upgrade. You'll need to edit the page layout and add the fields manually.



If you are using custom permission sets, please make sure the below fields are granted access.

  1. Payout Created Date -This field on the transaction object will indicate the timestamp at which the Payout record was created.

  2. Stripe Billing Customers Only: Backdate Start Date - This field on the subscription object will be used to set a start date for a date in the past when creating a new subscription.

  3. DocumentLink Template has new fields for Acceptance Language - Card, Acceptance Language - ACH, and Terms and Conditions.

:new: New Features :new:

  1. All Stripe users will be able to use the Virtual Terminal for creating an ACH (Bank Account) Payment Method. Click here to read more.

  2. Create Stripe Customer Quick Action on Account and Contact that populates the Account and has an optional Contact lookup that can be set.

  3. You can now define custom Acceptance Language for ACH and Card Payments as well as a custom link to Terms and Conditions on the DocumentLink Template. This will render in the DocumentLink checkout.

Custom Card Language and Terms and Conditions LinkCustom Card Language and Terms and Conditions Link

Custom Card Language and Terms and Conditions Link

Custom ACH Language and Terms and Conditions LinkCustom ACH Language and Terms and Conditions Link

Custom ACH Language and Terms and Conditions Link

:high-brightness: Enhancements :high-brightness:

  1. DocumentLink will display the 'Name' field from the Sales Document instead of the auto-number field (i.e the Sales document ID) to provide additional customization options. Along with this, the value of the 'Name' field will be written in the newly generated Transaction 'Description' field. Click Here to learn more.
Old VersionOld Version

Old Version

New VersionNew Version

New Version

  1. We have added a new batch job named "Blackthorn | Payments Daily Refunds". This job will auto-capture any manually created refund transactions having a (negative) refund amount, transaction type = Refund and Due Date<= Today. To schedule this job, please follow the upgrade instruction 4.
    To learn more about this scheduled job, click here.

  2. You can trigger our daily captures batch job to run immediately from the Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab. Batch Jobs > Process Scheduled Charge Transactions Now.

To know more about running these batch jobs immediately, see our batch job section here.

  1. There is a new field called, Payout Created Date on the Transaction object. This field will indicate the timestamp at which the Payout transaction record was created in Stripe. This field is useful for Salesforce reporting and reconciliation purposes.

  2. We have visually updated how to add an external account from a Connected Account. Click here for more information.

  3. We have added new error messages to our Paylink feature. When paying via Paylink, a customer will now see a specific error if their card is declined for invalid funds, invalid CCV, etc.

  1. We no longer have hard-coded matching, based on email and first name, to relate existing Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, or Leads to Payment Gateway Customer records. Matching is now handled using your active Salesforce Duplicate Rules. Click here for more information.

  2. We relabeled the Charge Card record type on Payment Method to Card, but left the API name the same.

:ant: Bug Fixes :bug::beetle:

  1. There was a known issue with the auto-charge transaction batch job process. It was processing 100 transactions per API call, which was causing process failures and duplication issues if 1 on the transactions within the batch failed the batch process. The charge transaction scheduled job will process 1 record at a time to avoid failures. There is nothing that you need to manually update. Once you upgrade, the batch job size will be 1.

  2. Payment Schedules were generating transactions with inaccurate dates when setting the start date on the first or last day of a month. This has been fixed.

  3. Stripe Connect Customers Only: Webhooks for creating Connected Accounts in Salesforce was failing with an error, "Attempt to de-reference the null object". Connected Accounts and External Accounts sync over without issue.

  4. The 'Net Amount' field is now being populated for Auth.net refund transactions.

  5. Stripe Connect Customers Only: Connected Account details can now be updated from Salesforce with no errors (Example- Address, email, and phone).

  6. Users with any of the Blackthorn | Payment permission sets (excluding the Admin permission set) were facing insufficient privileges on clicking the "Create Invoice" button. We have refactored our code to resolve this error.

  7. Users were unable to click on the cancel and refund button on a Payment Schedule without an error. This has been fixed.

Mobile Payments Application

:high-brightness: Enhancements:high-brightness:


Latest Mobile Versions

Please ensure you have the latest version of our app on your device and upgrade if necessary:

Latest Versions:
iOS: 1.0.27
Android: 1.0.7

  1. When launching the Mobile app from Salesforce Mobile, there would be sporadic timeouts due to network connection issues. There is now a Retry button on the page to reload the same transaction if this happens.

  2. There is now a Disconnect button when pairing to a reader. This will allow you to disconnect from one and connect to another if you have multiple readers.

  1. Added a new dynamic button at the bottom of every app screen page to be redirected back into Salesforce.
  1. For manual card entry, cash and check payments from the mobile app, the user was able to click the "Pay" button multiple times which created multiple duplicate Transactions. This has been fixed and now when you click the Pay button, it will immediately grey out, preventing duplicates.

  2. The Mobile App settings screen is updated to show the logged-in username (which is always unique) instead of the email address of the user. This will be helpful for users to identify which org they've logged in (sandbox and production).

:ant: Bug Fixes :bug::beetle:

  1. When clicking the Mobile Pay action from Salesforce Mobile, and create transaction was pressed, it skipped straight through to the receipt screen, bypassing the debit card payment detail screen. This has been fixed.

  2. An error screen with the following message was thrown while detecting a reader. This has been fixed.

  1. There was a rounding issue with the mobile app where the transaction amount was off by one cent. This has been fixed.

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