September 2020 - Version 4.170


September 2020 Webinar

On Wednesday, September 16 at 11:00 AM EST, we will be hosting a webinar to showcase all the enhancements and fixes included in this release. Can't join? Please register and we will send the recording to you after.

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Once the below updates have been reviewed, please follow the upgrade instructions to upgrade your payments application from the AppExchange.

Critical Update


Salesforce Critical Update

If you are on a Payments version less than 4.160, you'll need to upgrade to the latest version. There has been a critical update enforced by Salesforce that is causing some of the functionality around Payment Methods to not work as expected. Read more about this update from Salesforce here.

Breaking Change


Additions to Matching Logic

When you upgrade to the latest version, the Relationship Settings object has a new field,Match Record. This field must be added to the page layout and defined. Please add the values: Account, Contact, and Lead. Once you define that field, click here to learn more about that feature.

If users have not modified the Default Relationship Setting record the Match Records fields will populate with Contact as the default value. Otherwise, if the record has been modified, the value for Match Records could end up blank.

In order to have the matching logic to continue to work you'll need to make sure the objects you would like to match against are captured in the Match Values field.

:high-brightness: Enhancements:high-brightness:

  1. Stripe Billing Customers Only The Subscription object now has two new fields, Paused? and Resumes At, to indicate whether or not a Stripe subscription has been paused and when it will resume based on updates made in the Stripe dashboard. Updates to these fields in Salesforce do not get sent to Stripe.

    • Note: These fields may take up to 5 minutes to populate after the change on Stripe has occurred. Click here for additional information.
  2. The Relationship Settings object has two new fields for controlling matching logic. This allows users to add in additional matching rules when they have more than one email field on an object. Click here for additional information.

  3. Support for Stripe Idempotency has been implemented to safely retry requests without accidentally performing the same operation twice. Check out this article for more information.

  4. The View All permission has been removed from the Blackthorn | Payments (Webhook Event Admin) Permission Set to adhere with the Salesforce Summer ’20 critical update for guest users. Check out more information about webhooks here.


Sharing Rule Needed for Salesforce Critical Update

To adhere to the latest Salesforce security update we've modified the Permission Set mentioned above. Please review the webhooks documentation to make sure you configure a sharing rule (step #4) on the Payment Gateway object to maintain proper access for the guest user where webhooks are concerned. Read more here.

  1. Historical Sync now has an updated UI. Read more about historical sync here.

:ant: Bug Fixes :bug::beetle:

  1. Fixed a bug where Default Source on the Payment Gateway Customer and Default Payment Method on Account and Contact were not being populated on their respective objects.
    • Note: These fields may take up to 5 minutes to populate
  2. The occurrence of multiple transactions being created on the same date while using Payment Schedules has been resolved.
  3. Instances of duplicate transactions and refund records were being created when a transaction was authorized, but not captured after 7 days. This bug has been resolved.
  4. When removing a Payment Gateway Customer using the Remove From Gateway button, the customer is removed from Stripe, but an additional Payment Gateway Customer record is created in Salesforce. This has been resolved.

New Fields/Layouts

  1. Added a Paused checkbox field on the Subscription object.
  2. Added a Resumes At? date/time field on the Subscription object.
  3. Added a Match Records Multi-Select Picklist on the Relationship Settings object.
  4. Added a Set All Email Fields checkbox field on the Relationship Settings object.


Set All Email Fields will be renamed to Match All Email Fields in the next release.

  1. The Legal Entity object has been renamed to Company Info.

Known Issues

  • Users have experienced the following error: ‘Cannot deserialize JSON as abstract type: bt_stripe.Stripe.PaymentMethod’
    • This is an indicator that you need to upgrade

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Review the new enhancements and bug fixes above.

  2. We added a few new fields to this package. If you are using custom permission sets/profiles, please see the new fields section below to update your profile and or permission sets.

    • Note: The field Match Records is a required field on Relationship Settings so make sure to add it to the page layout.
  3. Install the latest version from here.

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