Payments Reported Bugs

As we continue to release awesome features, enhancements, and bug fixes, the below listed are the reported bugs that will get fixed in upcoming releases based on their priority. If there is a bug you are experiencing but it is not on this list, please reach out to support.



Additional Information

Release priority

Stripe Billing - Stripe Plans with nicknames over 80 characters not syncing into Salesforce via webhooks

This error is occurring because the character limit for Plan 'Nickname' in Stripe is greater than our Plan 'Name' field character limit in Salesforce. Nicknames over 80 characters are causing the webhooks to fail.

Workaround - Change the Plan nickname in Stripe to a value less than or equal to 80 characters, then try the sync again.

High - Fixed in version 4.165 and above.

Getting an error in the Payment Setup Wizard "Error - While Creating Parents"

This error is occurring when user trying to setup a transaction parent through the setup wizard.

Workaround - Example "Order" object. If you want "Order" as Transaction parent, you can set this by:

  1. Please create a lookup field to Order on the Transaction object.
  2. Navigate to Setup->Custom Settings->Transaction Parents->New-->Name "order" and Transaction field "Order__c" and Save.
  3. Navigate to the Payments Admin tab and click the Metadata Updates, click the Deploy Roll-up fields.

Medium - Fixed in version 4.161 and above.

Transaction batch job failing/creating duplicates

The Auto process transaction batch processed 100 transaction per API call and even 1 transaction within the batch failed, it caused entire process failure.

Workaround - Navigate to Setup->Custom settings-> Blackthorn | Payments Triggers->Manage->Edit-> Set the Auto-Charge Batch Size =1 and Save.

High - Fixed in version 4.161 and above.

Documentlink shows oops.. something went wrong error with failed payments.

Failed payments via DocumentLink showing incorrect error message and transaction not linked to the Sales Document.

Fix coming soon!


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