Payments Error Codes
  • 11 Jun 2024
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Payments Error Codes

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If you still have questions after looking through our Troubleshooting documentation please contact Blackthorn Support. We're happy to help!

Keys for Idempotent Requests Error

Error: "Keys for idempotent requests can only be used with the same parameters they were first used with."

To resolve the error, complete the following steps.

  1. Remove any value from the Key field on the Transaction.
  2. Change the Transaction Status to “Open”.
  3. Reprocess the Transaction.

Your request to install the package Blackthorn Payments was unsuccessful

If you see long error messages while installing the app, please verify the following.

  • You're the system administrator of your Salesforce instance.
  • If you have Salesforce shield running in your org, follow our guide here.

Troubleshooting General Errors

Blackthorn no longer supports Payments APIs. 
The documentation provided is a self-help resource for legacy implementations only. 

Check the automated processes and rules in place on the following sources and related objects:

Payment Gateway Customer, Payment Method, Transaction, Account, Contact, and any Transaction Parent you set in the Setup Wizard, such as an Opportunity

Look at:

  • Process Builders
  • Workflows
  • Validations
  • Apex Triggers
  • Field Level Permissions
  • Object Level Permissions (Sharing Settings)
  • If by a custom UI, Salesforce API or our Payments API

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Click here to reauthorize your production org.

Click here to reauthorize your sandbox org.

Facing error while setting up webhook endpoint in Stripe OR OR in Communities with Virtual Terminal

You may see the following errors while setting up the endpoint in Stripe/ dashboard or if you are using the Virtual Terminal in the Salesforce community.

  1. Test Webhook Error:500 (stripe)
  2. Test Webhook Error:400 (stripe)
  3. Error occurred in connecting to endpoint (
  4. Result:[id=null, message=Problem with finding PG by label primary . List size: 0, success=false]” with an error 400 (stripe)
  5. Unable to find a Payment Gateway for id=null (Virtual Terminal in Salesforce Community)

To resolve this, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Sharing settings > Payment Gateway > Change the Default External Access from Private to Public Read Only.
  2. Uncheck the Secure guest user record access option. It overrides the Default External Access and sets it to private for every object including the Payment Gateway (PG).

btcombobox error when trying to upgrade.

If you receive this issue when installing or upgrading Payments, the component must implement at least one of flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes,flexipage:availableForRecordHome interface. BT_comboboxResult: The component must implement at least one of flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes,flexipage:availableForRecordHome interface.

Please remove the btcombobox component from a lightning page. Odds are you have it on the Opportunity lightning page layout.

Permission error: bt_stripe.SObjectSelector.FLSException: You do not have permission to read the field OtherStreet: (bt_stripe)

To resolve this error, please upgrade to the latest version of Payments from here.

Row with duplicate name at index:2

I_02_troubleshooting 2

This occurs when there are duplicate entries created for the Transaction parent. You will not be able to proceed ahead until you delete the duplicates. To do this, go to Setup > Custom Settings > Transaction parents > Manage. Click "Del" next to the duplicate item in the list.

The Transaction can't be authorized.

I_02_troubleshooting 3

If you have received this error, check to make sure the Payment Method related to this Transaction is not an ACH Payment Method. ACH Payment Methods are not able to authorize Transactions.

Test webhook error: Domain unknown.

I_02_troubleshooting 4

If you have received this error, check your Webhook URL. If you are using Blackthorn Payments with a developer account remove the ".secure". If you are using any other account, make sure the ".secure" is included.

Customer cus_AwROhSB7FyifGc does not have a linked source with ID ba_1AaYW9BQbf3hbNo9B8juK4lo

This error means that the related Payment Method on the Transaction no longer has a valid Card ID Token. What this means is most likely the card or ACH token was deleted in Stripe. Please view related Stripe Payment Gateway Customer record to verify if there is a valid Payment Method form. If there is no longer a valid Payment Method form, create a new payment for this Stripe Payment Gateway Customer OR edit the existing Payment Method with the updated card/ACH information, remove the values from the card id and customer id, select save and this Payment Method will sync back to Stripe.

Terminal error on new record screen

I_02_troubleshooting 4_5

This error means you have a required field that needs a value in order to create the new record and most likely that field is not in the Virtual Terminal's new record screen. To fix, verify all required fields are in the Virtual Terminal's new record screen. Click here for instructions on adding fields to your Virtual Terminal.

“No such customer: 'cus_**************'” Error

Q: I am trying to create a new Payment Method, but got “No such customer: 'cus'.” What does it mean?

A: The “No such customer: 'cus_**************'” error means that the customer does not exist on the connected account that you are trying to charge. Please create a new Payment Gateway Customer and try again.

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