December 2023 - Version 6.8
  • 20 Dec 2023
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December 2023 - Version 6.8

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Article Summary

Once the updates listed below have been reviewed, please follow the upgrade instructions to upgrade your Payments application.

Salesforce Release Update Known Issue

Enable Secure Static Resources for Lightning Components is a Salesforce Release Update that has been postponed indefinitely. Test Run on this Release Update should remain disabled in order to use our Virtual Terminal components. This is due to a Salesforce Known Issue.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade Payments to the newest version, go to the Blackthorn Candy Shop.

Bug Fixes

  • When a Stripe Transaction fails to process successfully, the Transaction Status field will update to “Failed” instead of “Pending Payment Intent”. Previously, the Transaction’s Transaction Status did not reflect the related Stripe status. (Known Issue: 000003047)
  • A user can complete the checkout process when a discount Code is applied across many different Events. Previously, users received the “Apex CPU time limit exceeded” error. (Known Issue: 000003052)
  • Users can process the "invoice.created" webhook with the updated trigger code. Previously, the trigger code caused the following error: "Variable does not exist: bt_stripe". (Known Issue: 000002859)
  • To ensure the webhooks generated for “customer.created” and “invoice.created” are processed immediately by the trigger, make the following updates to the Site Guest User/public user.
    • Step 1: To avoid permission errors, give the Blackthorn | Payments (Site Guest User) permission set Read access to the Product (Product2) object.
      • Click the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.
      • Click Setup.
      • In the Quick Find box, enter and click “Permission Sets.”
      • Create a new permission set.
        • Click New.
        • In the Label field, enter a descriptive name for the permission set, such as “Read Access to Product2.”
        • Click Save.
      • Configure object permissions.
        • Click Object Settings or Object Permissions in the Apps section.
        • Find and click the Product (Product2) object. If you don’t see it, use the search function to locate it.
        • Click Edit next to the Products heading.
        • In the Object Permissions section, set Read to “Enabled” (checked). Do not enable Edit, Create, and Delete unless they are needed.
        • Click Save.
    • Step 2: Assign the newly created permission set to the public user.
      • Navigate back to the site you created.
      • Click Public Access Settings.
      • Click the View Users or Assign Users button.
      • Click the link for the site guest user.
      • In the Permission Set Assignments section, click Edit Assignments.
      • Move the newly created permission set from the Available Permission Sets column to the Enabled Permission Sets column.
      • Click Save.

Webapp Release


  • PayLink now includes a more efficient method to reduce the number of API calls required to confirm the user license status.

Bug Fix

  • PayLink will display the currency based on the value in the Currency Display field on the Paylink Configuration record. Previously, the Currency Display field value did not impact how the currency was displayed.

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to Blackthorn Support.